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August 29, 2002

The HSI Animal Advocates Program

Partnering with model animal protection groups

Humane Society International

  • Helping a local citizen. Alexandra Rothlisberger/HSI

Humane Society International receives countless requests from organizations, shelters, and individuals around the world who want to help animals and are seeking our assistance. Much as we would like to provide direct support to each and every one, staff and budget restraints prevent us from doing so. Instead, we network with other international animal protection groups and local organizations in an effort to help more animals in more countries. Our Animal Advocates program helps us accomplish this goal.

The aim of the program is to develop relationships with animal protection groups outside of the United States who will work with us to help animals in their countries and to serve as role models for other developing groups.

About the program

Animal Advocates is a partnership between HSI and animal protection groups around the globe. Together we form a network committed to implementing humane standards for companion animal care everywhere.

Animal protection organizations may become partners by invitation only. We ask that they endorse, promote, and strive to adhere to certain basic policies, such as conducting humane education projects in their local communities and reducing the overpopulation of companion animals by discouraging breeding and promoting spaying and neutering.

Advocates work with HSI and one another to find culturally sensitive ways of addressing animal suffering and improving the treatment of animals in their countries. They also serve as examples to assist and guide other shelters and non-sheltered organizations. HSI provides guidance and assistance, including support in emergency situations.

The Shelter & Advocacy Partners program was officially launched at The HSUS Animal Care Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, in February 2000.

HSI Animal Advocates


Afghan Stray Animal League

The Bahamas

Bahamas Humane Society


Obhoyaronna-Bangladesh Animal Welfare Foundation


Animales S.O.S.


Botswana SPCA


ARCA Brasil Humane Society


Fundación Vidanimal

Sociedad Protectoria de Animales de Medellin

Costa Rica

Asociación Humanitaria Para la Protección Animal de Costa Rica (AHPPA)


Défense et Protection des Animaux, Réfuge de Thierney


Animal Aid Unlimited

Animal Help Foundation

Help in Suffering


Lega Pro Animale


The Lilongwe Society for the Protection and Care of Animals


Fundación Haghenbeck

Gente por la Defensa Animal (GEPDA)


Kathmandu Animal Treatment Center (KAT)


Grupo Caridad

The Philippines

Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)

South Africa

National Council of SPCAs in South Africa (NSPCA)

Sri Lanka

Tsunami Animal People Alliance

Trinidad & Tobago

Animal Welfare Network

Trinidad & Tobago SPCA


Uganda Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (USPCA)


Fundación ASOGUAU Protección Animal