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May 30, 2003

Humane Animal Control and Management


Humane Society International

Humane Animal Population Management

  • Humane Dog Population Management Guidance (International Companion Animal Management Coalition) For the Humane Dog Population Management Guidance in Spanish, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Turkish, and Arabic, please visit www.icam-coalition.org/resources.html
  • Humane Cat Population Management Guidance (International Companion Animal Management Coalition)

  • The International Companion Animal Management (ICAM) Coalition has published guidelines on how to manage dog and cat populations in the most humane, effective and resource-efficient way possible. These documents  are intended for use by any government body or non-governmental organisation (NGO) involved in the management of dog and cat populations. Although there is no "quick fix" solution to the problems caused by roaming dogs and cats, these guidances outlines all the factors that should be considered and how  comprehensive and sustainable interventions can be designed. The ICAM Coalition believes that the management of roaming dogs and cats is the responsibility of the government; however, NGOs may be contracted to design or manage components of interventions or may be asked for their advice. These guidances will support all parties involved in dog and cat population management to target support where it can be most effective and to make best use of limited resources. Visit www.icam-coalition.org to learn more about the ICAM Coalition.

Visit the International Companion Animal Management Coalition (ICAM) site for practical tools and resources related to humane dog and cat population management including guidance on initial data collection and assessment; components of a comprehensive dog population management program; and implementation, monitoring and evaluation.


  • Manual Basico Para Atrapar Gatos Ferales (The HSUS)
  • SMART: Spay/neuter Marketing and Training (FiXit Foundation, with support from Humane Society International), a free, online course that provides the framework to target caregivers of unaltered animals with marketing that will compel them to take action and spay/neuter their pets.
  • Messaging Spay/Neuter: Lessons from the Gulf Coast Spay/Neuter Campaign (The Humane Society of the United States) by Heather Cammisa, 2009. This report is the culmination of a two-year effort to understand what approaches are most effective to motivate people to spay or neuter their pets. Although the research occurred in Louisiana and Mississippi, U.S.A, this report can provide a model for those outside the United States to conduct their own research into this topic.


  • Online library of rabies control educational material in many languages (Global Alliance for Rabies Control)

Papers and reports


HSI’s Resources for Animal Protectionists offers documents and videos regarding: Animal Care; Community Outreach; Equine Welfare; Euthanasia; Exotic Animals and Wildlife; Fundraising; Humane Animal Control and Management; Humane Education; Legislation, Law Enforcement and Cruelty Issues; Operation and Management; Sheltering, Adoption and Fostering; and Tourism.