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September 16, 2014

Legislation, Law Enforcement and Cruelty Issues


Humane Society International


The following resources can assist animal advocates with researching animal welfare/protection laws in their countries and drafting new laws:

  • Animal Protection Index, ranks countries on their commitment to protect animals in their legislation, improve animal welfare and recognize animal sentience. (World Animal Protection)
  • The United States Animal Welfare Act, which can be used as a model for other national animal welfare acts. The link on this page, Animal Welfare Act and Regulations “Blue Book,” has the entire text of the Act.
  • Model Laws (Animal Law Resource Center) offers suggested language that can serve as templates for drafting animal protection legislation.

Law enforcement

Animal cruelty issues


HSI’s Resources for Animal Protectionists offers documents and videos regarding: Animal Care; Community Outreach; Equine Welfare; Euthanasia; Exotic Animals and Wildlife; Fundraising; Humane Animal Control and Management; Humane Education; Legislation, Law Enforcement and Cruelty Issues; Operation and Management; Sheltering, Adoption and Fostering; and Tourism.