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January 5, 2010

2009 Accomplishments

Humane Society International

  • Stand-out victory: HSI's model will help street dogs across Bhutan. © Susan Roghair

  • Stand-out victory: An EU ban saved thousands of seal pups from slaughter. © Mark Glover/HSI

The following are some of HSI's accomplishments on behalf of animals in 2009. Join us today to help us achieve more in the years to come!

Animals in laboratories

  • HSI helped spare the lives of more than 4 million animals by pressing the European Chemicals Agency to clarify an ambiguity in EU legislation that could have seen 6,000 chemicals subject to redundant animal testing.
  • Campaigning by HSI drove European Union (EU) nations to adopt modern cellular methods as alternatives to animal testing for skin irritation—the first time in history that an animal test has been fully replaced by a non-animal method.
  • HSI led a consortium of organizations in making a successful bid to coordinate European-funded research projects aimed at replacing, reducing or refining animal testing over the next 4 years. This is the first time that an animal protection organization has been party to such a prestigious grant.

Farm animals

  • HSI began an anti-factory farming advertising campaign in India; with video ads being aired in 475 fast-food restaurants, food courts, and health centers around Delhi.
  • HSI's Dr. Michael Greger wrote, produced, and distributed the presentation "Flu Factories: Tracing the Origins of the Swine Flu Pandemic" on DVD to NGOs, policy makers, opinion leaders, and the scientific community.
  • HSI made a major contribution to a historic meeting at the Food and Agriculture Organization on farm animal welfare. 

Companion animals

  • A European Union ban on the import, export and sale of dog and cat fur became effective January 1, 2009.
  • The nation of Bhutan committed a half million dollars to a program to help spay/neuter and vaccinate close to 50,000 dogs across the country over the next 3-5 years.
  • The government of India approved an initiative to assess and certify catch-neuter-vaccinate-release (CNVR) as an acceptable alternative to controlling the country's street dog population.
  • The Canadian government signed the Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare.
  • HSI Canada rescued nearly 130 neglected sled dogs and 140 of their newborn puppies in Quebec.


  • An eBay ban on the sale of ivory became effective January 1, 2009.
  • The European Parliament voted overwhelmingly in favor of a ban on trade in seal products in the European Union. Prices for seal fur in Canada crashed, and more than 260,000 seals survived the slaughter this year. HSI's work to secure the EU ban was voted Campaign of the Year at the European Public Affairs Awards.
  • HSI helped secure the legal protection of nearly 2 million acres of wildlife habitats in Australia.
  • HSI was successful in opposing the establishment of commercial safari hunting for saltwater crocodiles.
  • The government of Canada's British Columbia extended "no hunting areas" for grizzlies to 1.9 million hectares, and identified 170,000 hectares to be closed to black bear hunting.
  • The UK announced new regulations requiring that all sharks be landed with fins attached.
  • HSI trained more than 300 people in Latin America on CITES, animal handling, rescue center management and ecotourism.
  • HSI launched an environmental education program for children living around cacao farms in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.
  • HSI helped to end the capture and training of elephants for elephant-back safaris in South Africa and its project on elephant contraception is slowly changing the debate on how to manage wild elephant populations humanely.
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