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July 9, 2013

Rahul Sehgal

Co-Senior Director, Companion Animals and Engagement

Humane Society International

Rahul Sehgal directs disaster response programs across Asia. He also oversees all of HSI's street dog welfare programs in Asia and advises HSI on street dog projects globally. He developed and implemented large-scale dog sterilization and humane street dog management programs for cities and countries. He initiated and manages a training program in the Philippines for street dog catching and sterilization. He also oversees street dog census projects and has completed dog population estimates for Ahmedabad, Srinigar and Dhaka, with additional projects planned for Chennai, Mumbai, Jamshedpur and Mauritius. He will also advise on a dog census for Mexico City and has conducted training programs across the world (e.g. in the USA, Ethiopia, Egypt, Singapore and Australia).

He founded and managed (through 2006 when he joined HSI) the Animal Help Foundation in Ahmedabad. He was responsible for raising all the funds for AHF and managing a wildlife rehabilitation clinic and several street dog sterilization teams (including catching units and veterinary clinics). He currently oversees an Olive Ridley Turtle rescue program on the eastern coast of India and a mobile treatment service in Jaipur for the elephants who are used to provide rides through the city to tourists, along with a veterinary training program.

He is the recipient of the Venu Menon Animal Allies Award (2005).

He is married with a daughter and lives in Ahmedabad.






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