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June 21, 2011

End Animal Testing 2011 Campaign Victories and Milestones

Humane Society International

  • We're working to end the use of dogs in pesticide-poisoning experiments. Shutterstock

  • A caged rabbit doomed to die in a "lethal dose" (LD50) skin test. Photobucket

  • Rats squeezed into full-body restraint tubes and forced to inhale noxious fumes for hours as part of yet another lethal poisoning experiment for chemicals and pesticides. Steve McCaw

  • A mouse is injected in the stomach with an extract of shellfish meat to test for toxin-contaminated seafood. AHWLA

With the help of our hundreds of thousands of caring supporters, Humane Society International’s End Animal Testing Campaign is going from strength to strength—implementing more robust policies to better protect animals, eliminating cruel animal tests from national and international guidelines, and advancing the acceptance of superior non-animal test methods. Some recent accomplishments:

November 2011: Largest-ever cut in animal test requirements achieved by HSI during final political negotiations of Europe's new biocidal products (non-food pesticides) regulation.

November 2011: HSI co-sponsored a successful non-animal test methods training workshop in Brazil to overcome barriers to regulatory acceptance of humane approaches.

October 2011: Hollywood legends Sir Roger Moore, CBE KBE, Brigitte Bardot and Virginia McKenna, OBE spoke out in support of a ban on selling animal-tested cosmetics in Europe, joining a number of other celebrities in signing HSI's Cruelty-Free2013 petition.

September 2011: Singer Ke$ha signed HSI’s Cruelty-Free 2013 petition calling for European politicians to enforce the promised 2013 ban on selling animal-tested cosmetics. 

August 2011: HSI senior EU policy advisor Emily McIvor was awarded the prestigious Henry Spira Award by the Johns Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the cause of animal welfare.

August 2011: HSI called on Air Canada to reject shipments of animals for research, testing and other harmful laboratory experimentation in line with the policy of other major airlines.

July 2011: A major animal reduction test method supported by HSI achieved international acceptance through the 34-member-country Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

July 2011: In response to lobbying by HSI and the Humane Society Legislative Fund, the US House of Representatives issued report language directing the Environmental Protection Agency to accelerate the development and use of rapid, non-animal tests to identify endocrine (hormone) disrupting chemicals and to ensure that animal testing is minimized in future chemical test orders.

June 2011: Celebrities Dame Judi Dench and Mary McCartney signed HSI’s Cruelty-Free 2013 petition.

June 2011: HSI’s president traveled to Chengdu, China to give a presentation on “21st century” safety testing without animals to delegates at the Animals Asia conference.

May 2011: We reached our target of 100,000 people participating in our Make Animal Testing History cyber-rally.

May 2011: The HSI-conceived and European Commission-funded AXLR8 (pronounced “accelerate”) project brought together leading scientists working to develop alternatives to animal testing in Berlin, producing an ambitious research “roadmap” aimed at full replacement of animal tests with 21st century tools and technologies.

May 2011: A research study co-authored by HSI’s Director of Research & Toxicology revealed the needless cruelty of “lethal dose” skin tests of pesticides, biocides and other chemicals and called for swift regulatory reform to spare as many as 300,000 animals.

May 2011: HSI was selected to participate in the newly-formed ECVAM Stakeholder Advisory Forum, which met this month for the first time to receive input regarding alternative test method candidates for validation as well as priorities for research by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre.

May 2011: HSI reached out to the heads of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and US Food and Drug Administration to call for a switch in North America to non-animal shellfish testing methods.

April 2011: British TV’s cleaning guru Aggie Mackenzie ("How Clean Is Your House?") joined HSI in urging compassionate consumers to wash their hands of animal-tested household cleaning products.

April 2011: HSI fulfilled thousands of requests for our popular End Animal Testing temporary tattoos from supporters as far and wide as Afghanistan, Brazil, Egypt, India, Russia, Mexico and Taiwan.

April 2011: HSI UK’s science policy officer sat down with European Medicines Agency officials in London to discuss opportunities to reduce animal use in the testing of veterinary drugs.

March 2011: “X Factor” winner Leona Lewis, comedian Ricky Gervais, and former Spice Girl Melanie C joined HSI’s Cruelty-Free 2013 campaign.

February 2011: HSI participated in a high-level meeting in Brussels with European Commissioner for Health and Consumers, John Dalli, urging him to commit to supporting a ban on selling animal-tested cosmetics after 2013. HSI’s senior EU policy advisor called for the same commitment from Members of the European Parliament during an invited presentation before the Parliament’s Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals in Strasbourg.

February 2011: HSI pressed the European Commission to ensure that improved protection of animals used in laboratories and the need to replace all animal experiments would feature in the new EU Animal Welfare Policy (EUPAW).

January 2011: Following intense lobbying by HSI, the EU adopted a new regulation that goes a long way toward ending lethal mouse testing to detect shellfish toxins.

January 2011: Assisted by HSI, UK Member of Parliament Dr Caroline Lucas (Greens) tabled an Early Day Motion calling for the British government to intervene in EU-level talks to save the threatened European Union sales ban on animal-tested cosmetics.

January 2011: In the United States, Representative Jim Moran (D-VA), assisted by HSI and Humane Society Legislative Fund, sent a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency calling for reforms to the agency’s Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program to prevent needless testing on animals and incorporate a range of new non-animal screening methods.

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