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December 20, 2012

End Animal Testing 2012 Campaign Victories and Milestones

Humane Society International

  • Troy Seidle and a political assistant at HSI cosmetics regulatory science workshop in Brazil. Troy Seidle

  • Troy Seidle proudly accepts the inaugural Lush Lobbying Prize on behalf of HSI's End Animal Testing Campaign. Wendy Higgins

  • Parade of bunnies: 27 "rabbits" gathered outside the European Commission prior to the delivery of the petitions. Philip Reynaers

  • HSI's Emily McIvor and Gaia Angelini presented a portion of the CrueltyFree2013 petitions to Commissioner John Dalli. Philip Reynaers

  • Valentine's plea from Leona Lewis for governments to "have a heart" for animals in cosmetics testing. Christopher Ameruso

  • HSI's animal testing alternatives workshop in the European Parliament attracted more than 50 political and stakeholder attendees. Mario Pirillo

  • 1-year dog test is now gone from US and EU pesticide testing requirements! Shutterstock

  • Rabbit "lethal dose" (LD50) skin tests on the way out in Europe thanks to HSI. Photobucket

Humane Society International is fighting to save more than 100 million animals from suffering and death in laboratories around the world. Here are some recent highlights from our worldwide End Animal Testing campaign:

December 2012: HSI's campaign to end Air Canada shipments of primates for harmful research achieves success.

November 2012: HSI hosted a scientific workshop to bring together top-level government officials, companies and international experts to promote swifter acceptance of animal testing alternatives and a shift away from animal testing for cosmetics.

November 2012: HSI's End Animal Testing campaign was awarded the inaugural Lush Prize for lobbying in recognition of our success in slashing animal testing requirements under the EU's new pesticide regulations.

October 2012: Unilever, the US Food and Drug Administration, ecopa, and other stakeholders joined MEP Mario Pirillo and HSI at a European Parliament event calling for substantial, dedicated funding for more human-relevant, non-animal methods for testing and health research.

September 2012: European Parliament Environment Committee endorsed more than two-dozen HSI-crafted amendments to prioritize future EU funding for non-animal approaches in health research.

August 2012: Ricky Gervais joined HSI in calling out formerly cruelty-free companies that compromise ethics for profits by selling to China, which still requires cosmetics animal testing.

July 2012: Sir Paul McCartney signed on to HSI's Be Cruelty-Free campaign.

June 2012: HSI and 27 "white rabbits" (staff from LUSH shops across Europe) delivered a 350,000-signature petition to EU Commissioner John Dalli calling for the EU to stand firm on its commitment to be cosmetics cruelty-free in 2013.

May 2012: US EPA committed to several animal saving measures in its pesticide program after years of pressure from HSI and others.

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May 2012: HSI's Be Cruelty-Free campaign partner FIAPO met with India's Minister of Environment and Forests to urge her to support a national ban on cosmetics animal testing.

April 2012: HSI launched Be Cruelty-Freethe global campaign to end cosmetics testing on animals—with partners and program work in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Europe, India, New Zealand and the United States.

February 2012: Singer Leona Lewis called on Europe to "have a heart for animals in cosmetics testing" in a special Valentine's day card from HSI.

January 2012: HSI achieved the largest animal test reduction in history with revision of EU biocides regulation, which will spare thousands of dogs and other animals from cruel chemical-poisoning tests.

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