HSI is dedicated to protecting all wildlife from cruelty, exploitation, and loss of habitat.

Don't Buy Wild: An Interactive Guide

Every year, billions of animals are inhumanely captured and killed to provide for your entertainment, and to make products for you to buy here and around the world. It’s called the international wildlife trade, and you can help stop it by avoiding products and experiences that come from these abused animals.

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  • Badger Slaughter

    Badgers are under the threat of mass slaughter from a misguided attempt to control the spread of bovine tuberculosis. Learn More

  • Fur

    From fur factory farming to trapping, the reality is simple: fur is beautiful on animals, not on people. Help put the fur industry out of business. Learn More

  • Hare Protection

    HSI is working to stem the population declines of brown and mountain hares in the UK. Learn More

  • Immunocontraception

    HSI is working with scientists to develop a non-hormonal birth control method to control breeding in confined wild animal populations. Learn More

  • Marine Mammals in Captivity

    The more we learn about marine mammals, the more troubling it becomes to keep these complex, intelligent creatures in tanks and pens.  Learn More

  • Mercy Release

    The Buddhist tradition of mercy release began centuries ago with spontaneous acts of compassion toward animals, but the modern version causes suffering and environmental damage. Learn More

  • Rhinoceros Poaching

    All five species of rhino are in crisis due to poaching and the trade in their horns for Traditional Chinese Medicine. Learn More

  • Shark Finning

    Every year, in oceans around the world, tens of millions of sharks are hunted to meet the demand for shark fin soup. Learn More

  • Whaling

    Despite a ban on commercial whaling, whales are still hunted. HSI is calling for a global whale sanctuary to end all whaling for commercial purposes forever. Learn More

  • Wildlife Trade

    The international wildlife trade threatens the survival of many species and results in the inhumane treatment of billions of animals every year. Learn More

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