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Imagine a world where lab rats are replaced by lab robots, with human cell cultures and high-tech computer models instead of lethal tests on animals. That’s not science fiction, that’s science future—21st century safety testing and health research as envisioned by leading scientists.

Today, scientific and government authorities worldwide are acknowledging the deficiencies of "animal models" and calling for a new approach to safety testing and health research using state-of-the-art techniques. Advances in biology, genetics, computer science and robotics have given scientists new tools to help identify the root causes of human toxicity and disease.

  • Computational toxicology is making it possible to develop a virtual human. HSI

21st Century Safety Testing and Health Research

HSI's report, "Advancing Safety Science and Health Research with Innovative, Non-Animal Tools," calls for a groundbreaking transatlantic research partnership to bolster the technology revolution taking place in pharmaceutical and chemical safety testing using cutting-edge non-animal techniques.

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