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Tens of thousands of badgers in England are threatened with slaughter due to a misguided attempt to control tuberculosis in cattle. Killing badgers as a means of controlling the spread of the disease has been overwhelmingly declared ineffective by a host of eminent scientific experts.

In addition, the current plans by the UK government to allow farmers and landowners to organize the free-shooting of these iconic mammals will not only result in many badgers suffering a slow painful death, but there is no guarantee that local populations won’t be wiped out, or at least severely disrupted.

HSI opposes the mass slaughter of badgers as a means of controlling bovine TB, and calls on the governments of both England and Wales to concentrate resources on reducing cattle-to-cattle spread and researching preventative methods to protect badgers and cattle. Join our campaign to protect badgers.


  • August 28, 2015

    DEFRA’s Badger Cull Roll Out in South West will be an Unmitigated Disaster, warns HSI

    DEFRA confirmed that its badger cull will be rolled out to an additional area despite the fact that two years of culling in existing zones in Gloucestershire and Somerset have repeatedly missed their badger kill targets, and been dismissed as ineffective and inhumane by renowned scientists.

  • April 17, 2015

    BVA Rejection of Free-Shooting in Badger Cull Welcomed

    Humane Society International/UK welcomed the British Veterinary Association's announcement it has withdrawn support for the shooting of free-running badgers in the government’s misguided badger cull policy. However, HSI/UK is deeply disappointed that the BVA continues to endorse cage trapping and shooting.

  • February 18, 2015

    Animals Matter to British Voters

    HSI/UK’s Executive Director Claire Bass urged all political parties to be more ambitious on animal policies because tackling cruelty and animal suffering matters to British voters.

  • December 18, 2014

    Dismay as DEFRA Vet Endorses Third Year of Badger Cull in 2015

    As Chief Veterinary Officer Nigel Gibbens announced the badger cull policy should continue for a third year in 2015, HSI/UK reacted swiftly in condemnation of the announcement that rubber-stamps animal cruelty and flies in the face of almost unanimous opinion from scientists that the cull is not an effective means to tackle cattle tuberculosis.

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