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The following models, celebrity make-up artists and TV personalities support Humane Society International’s Be Cruelty-Free campaign, a global effort to end animal testing for cosmetics and personal care products. Join them at hsi.org/becrueltyfree.

  • Liv Lo

    "It breaks my heart to know that in laboratories across Asia, gentle rabbits and other animals are having cosmetic chemicals dripped in their eyes or forced down their throat. It's simply unacceptable and it must stop. There is no beauty in cosmetics cruelty." Read the press release.
  • Fernanda Taveres

    "It breaks my heart to know that gentle rabbits and other animals are enduring untold pain as chemicals are dripped in their eyes or forced down their throat. In a civilised society, there can be no beauty in animal cruelty." Read the press release.
  • Justine Jenkins

    "I’m thrilled to become a Be Cruelty-Free Beauty Ambassador for HSI. I’m passionate about ending cosmetics animal testing, so I’m proud to be working with HSI who is leading the global campaign to make that happen. Like many people, I had assumed for years that animal testing for cosmetics was a thing of the past. So when I discovered how wrong I was, it was a real life-changing moment for me." Read the press release.
  • Meg Mathews & Anais Gallagher

    "When I put on my make-up, I can look myself in the mirror with a clear conscience because I know that not a single rabbit, guinea pig or mouse has suffered pain to test my beauty products. Country by country, cosmetics animal testing is being banned because it's cruel and unnecessary. I want the whole world to #BeCrueltyFree." Read the press release.
  • Phoebe Dykstra

    “I'm a proud Canadian, but I'm not proud that it's still legal in Canada to test on bunnies and other gentle creatures for cosmetics. Causing animals pain for the sake of a lip-liner or an eye-shadow can never be justified. And that's why so many other countries around the world have banned the practice. I want Canada to be one of them, I want Canada to #BeCrueltyFree!" Read the press release.
  • Lauren Toyota

    ""I think it's important to bring awareness to animal testing of cosmetics because it's an unnecessary practice that is ignored by the masses. No one talks about it and perhaps most people don't even realize it's something that's still very prevalent. The reality is that it's easier now more than ever to buy cruelty-free beauty products and we should be voting with our purchases and supporting these brands and companies. At the end of the day I can use my voice to help play a part in abolishing animal testing practices in Canada and I won't hesitate to do that!" Read the Q&A.
  • Sam Hammington

    "I was really shocked to learn from my friends at the #BeCrueltyFree campaign that this testing still goes on here in South Korea and many other countries. It’s so unnecessary, and through working with #BeCrueltyFree I’ve realised there are plenty of cruelty-free brands available which we should all make an effort to look out for. I’d love South Korea to be the next country to end cosmetics cruelty.” Read the press release.


More celebrity supporters: Check out the musicians, as well as the actors and actresses, who are helping to spread the word about #BeCrueltyFree.


Learn more about animals used in experiments at

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