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Each year, more than 100 million animals—more than three each second—are bred, injected, infected, cut open, genetically altered, and more, in the name of science.

Biomedical research aims to discover the causes of human illnesses and to prevent or treat them, but the benefits of today’s health research are becoming harder to see. A stunning 9 out of every 10 candidate new medicines that appear safe and effective in "animal models" fail in human trials due to unforeseen toxicity or lack of effectiveness. Research that never delivers because of irrelevant or misleading animal models delays medical progress and risks the safety of volunteers in clinical trials.

HSI’s Science Team is exposing failed animal models and pressing for funding to be shifted to more promising—and ethical—avenues of research.

  • Animal Models

    How many millions in precious health research funds are wasted each year on animal research that provides no actual medical benefit?

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  • Stronger Legal Protections

    HSI played a key role in securing life-saving measures under Europe's new animal experiments law. Now we're working to extend these precedents globally.

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  • Advancing Humane Science

    Imagine a world where lab rats are replaced by lab robots, with high-tech computer models instead of faulty animal models. It’s not science fiction—it’s the future of biomedical research.

    Explore 21st research
  • Support Our Work

    HSI's high-impact campaigns are achieving major reductions in animal testing around the world, but millions more animals need our help, and we need your help to save them.



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