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April 13, 2012

Shop Cruelty-Free

Leave animal-testing on the shelf and fill your shopping basket with compassionate cosmetics, personal care and household products

Humane Society International

  • Keep animal welfare in mind when shopping. Joseph Zellner/istock

Animal testing of cosmetics and other personal care or household cleaning products is unethical and unnecessary and as a consumer you can make a difference to animals every day with each item you choose to put in your shopping basket. Shopping cruelty-free means selecting products that haven’t been animal-tested nor contain animal-tested ingredients. HSI recommends using the Leaping Bunny Compassionate Shopping Guide to choose fun, fabulous and animal-friendly products.

Leaping Bunny

Leaping Bunny is an internationally recognised scheme to guarantee that a cosmetic or household product and its ingredients have not been animal tested. Download the global pocket Compassionate Shopping Guide here [PDF]. You can also shop at crueltyfreeconsumer.com, which only stocks Leaping Bunny-certified brands.

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