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Imagine a syringe being forced down your throat and a massive chemical dose pumped into your stomach, or being squeezed into restraints and forced to breathe toxic vapours for hours. From drugs to pesticides and household cleaners, chemicals and products of all descriptions are still being tested in massive doses on dogs, mice, rabbits and other animals.

HSI's Science Team has been instrumental in securing the largest-ever reduction in government animal testing requirements through our public policy efforts in Europe. Now we're working to extend these life-saving precedents globally and spare countless more animals in North and South America, Asia, and beyond.

  • Chemicals

    New laws are requiring companies to submit large quantities of test data, which could mean suffering and death for tens of millions of animals.

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  • Pesticides

    10,000 or more dogs, rabbits and other animals may be killed to meet government requirements for the safety testing of a single new pesticide chemical.

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  • Shellfish Toxins

    Hundreds of thousands of mice each year die in agony after they are injected with extracts of shellfish meat to test for harmful toxins, yet superior non-animal tests exist.

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  • Support Our Work

    HSI's high-impact campaigns are achieving major reductions in animal testing around the world, but millions more animals need our help, and we need your help to save them.



  • February 22, 2017

    Petition launched to save animals from cruel pesticide poisoning tests in Brazil

    Top Model Fernanda Tavares has joined HSI and the National Forum for Animal Protection and Defense in an effort to spare the lives of thousands of animals from needless suffering in cruel and obsolete agrochemical tests in Brazil.

  • February 6, 2017

    South Korean Environment Ministry chided for overlooking modern animal testing alternatives in chemical laws

    HSI has filed comments with South Korea’s Ministry of Environment denouncing the government’s failure to follow through on its commitment to expand its support of alternative approaches to animal testing in recent legislative proposals to revise the Act on the Registration and Evaluation of Chemicals (K-REACH) and establish the new Life Chemical Products and Biocide Safety Management Act.

  • February 6, 2017

    정부, 주요 화학안전관리 법안 개정 및 제정 앞두고 동물대체시험

    국제동물보호단체 휴메인 소사이어티 인터내셔널 (Humane Society International, HSI)은 환경부의 화학물질의 등록 및 평가 등에 관한 법률(이하, 화평법) 개정법률안과 생활화학제품 및 살생물제 안전관리법(이하, 살생물제법) 제정 입법예고안에 대하여 동물대체시험 확산과 지원을 위한 핵심적인 노력이 전혀 반영되지 않았음을 지적한 의견을 6일 제출했다. 정부는 입법예고에 대한 의견을 2월 6일까지 받고 있다. HSI가 제출한 의견의 주요내용은 유럽과 미국의 관련 법에서는 규정되어 있지만 국내 법안에서는 언급 정도에만 그치는 ▲ 동물실험을 최후의 수단으로 할 것을 시험의 원칙으로 명문화하고 ▲이미 존재하는 시험자료 공유가 원할이 되도록 지원하여 산업계에서 추가 비용과 시간을 들여 반복적으로 동물실험 하는 것을 방지하고 ▲국제적으로 검증된 최신 대체시험법의 신속한 채택하는 내용이 법안에 포함되어야 한다는 것이다.

  • January 26, 2017

    Lush shampoo bar re-launches to support Humane Society International’s global #BeCrueltyFree campaign

    Cruelty-free beauty company Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics is re-launching its global best-selling New Shampoo Bar to encourage consumers to get behind HSI’s global campaign to ban cosmetic animal testing and trade by signing their petition.

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