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HSI is privileged to have high-profile celebrities support our vital work to end Asia’s cruel dog meat trade. This means a lot to us, as they can be invaluable in helping us raise the profile of our campaign and amplify our message of compassion. Here are just some of the famous individuals with whom we are proud to work. Join them by donating and taking action to help.

  • Ricky Gervais

    "I’ve seen the footage that HSI has captured on video, and it breaks my heart. I will never forget the look of bewilderment and fear on the faces of these poor animals—the dogs and cats await a horrible fate. No animal deserves to be treated like this." Read the press release. (Photo: Jason Alden)
  • Lucy Watson

    "No animal deserves to be abused and mutilated the way the dogs in the meat festival are and to think that could be my dog/best friend, Digby, is unbearable. Something needs to be done, we cannot sit back and watch this cruelty continue." Read the press release.
  • Kelly Osbourne

    "The Yulin Dog Meat Festival is one of the most sickening things in humanity... It is wrong, it is archaic and it needs to stop." Watch the video. (Photo: Don Flood)
  • Jane Goodall

    "I’ve always had a great love for dogs. They’ve been domesticated, they’ve been man’s best friend for maybe 15,000 years or more, and in that time, they’ve done so much for us.. And so, to actually kill these wonderful beings for food seems very, very sad for me." Read the press release. (Photo: Johanna Vestey)
  • Simon Cowell

    "I think of my dogs and I can’t bear to imagine anything so tragic happening to them. But we are the only hope for these poor animals. Together we must stand strong with the millions of people across China who, just like us, love animals and passionately oppose this cruelty." Read the Facebook post. (Photo: Ray Burmiston)
  • Alesha Dixon

    "How anyone can call the barbaric slaughter of thousands of helpless dogs and cats a festival is beyond me. Many of these poor animals are stolen pets, who must be utterly bewildered and terrified by their ordeal, and their owners must be frantic knowing what a dreadful fate awaits their beloved companions." Read the press release.
  • Will Young

    Esme and Nelly mean the world to me... The thought of them being stolen, crammed onto the back of a truck in a tiny cage, and ending up terrified in a Yulin slaughterhouse, is heart-breaking."Read the press release.
  • Professor Green

    "It’s all too easy to look away and say it’s culture, but the truth is most people in China don’t eat dogs and the Yulin festival is out of step with a new generation of Chinese people who want a new culture of compassion.” Read the press release.
  • Sam Hammington

    "Being an animal lover and a dog owner myself, I wanted to see the conditions that these dogs were kept in. After arriving, I was shocked to see the conditions under which they were living, as well as the condition of the dogs themselves. A majority of them just wanted human attention; even just a loving pat on the head got them excited. It was exciting for me to be able to make a difference for them." Read the press release.
  • Carrie Fisher

    "These poor dogs need us to fight for them. Every single one of them is as precious as my dear Gary, every one of them is someone's best friend." Read the press release.
  • Jenny Seagrove

    "I would like to join with Humane Society International in its effort to draw world attention to the barbarity of an annual festival in China celebrating... yes, celebrating... the human consumption of dogs. Dogs became domesticated, became in every true sense our best friends, very early in the evolution of our species... Dogs give us unconditional love. You don't kill anything that gives you unconditional love." Read the press release.
  • Chris Packham

    "It’s completely wrong to think that people in China don’t care about their dogs like we do. Millions of people across China want the cruel dog meat trade to end, and they are incredibly angry and upset to have their much-loved pets stolen by dog thieves." Read the press release.
  • Sandi Thom

    "I feel so passionate about this issue: once these poor dogs fall into the hands of the meat traders, they have absolutely no-one but us to speak up for them. How can we be silent in the face of such blatant cruelty? " Read the press release.
  • Peter Egan

    "It’s been an honour to meet these brave survivors of China’s brutal dog and cat meat trade, and humbling to see how forgiving and loving they still are despite their appalling ordeal." Read the press release. (Photo: Mike Meekin)


Other valued star supporters include singer/actress Barbra Streisand, singer Rumer, actors Brian Blessed and Daniel Henney, actress Dame Judi Dench, author Jilly Cooper, actress Gemma Atkinson, TV dog trainer Victoria Stillwell, Olympians Gus Kenworthy and  Meagan Duhamel, and TV vets Marc Abraham and Bruce Fogle, along with many more. Read the press releases here, here and here, as well as here and here.


Learn more about the dog meat trade at

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