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March 16, 2016

Shutting Down the Dog Meat Trade

Humane Society International

HSI is fighting the cruel dog meat trade in countries across Asia. Please take action and donate to help.

Adam Parascandola

Yulin dog meat festival

Every June in Yulin, China, thousands of dogs and cats — including stolen pets — are brutally slaughtered for the city's annual Dog Meat Festival, started in 2010 by dog meat traders to boost flagging business.

In the past couple of years, thanks to the efforts of HSI and our partner groups, celebrations have been more muted. In the face of worldwide condemnation, officials have cracked down on public displays of slaughter and limited advertisement of dog meat by restaurants. But the killing still goes on in hidden locations and under the cover of darkness. Call for an end to the festival.


Local activism

HSI supports Chinese activists in their activities, including public protests, the pulling over of trucks crammed with dogs on their way to slaughterhouses, and rehabilitation, sheltering and adoption of dogs rescued from the trade. More and more Chinese today accept dogs and cats as friends and companions and the tide of public opinion is turning against eating them.

Frank Loftus/HSI

South Korean dog meat farms

Across South Korea, millions of dogs suffer for months or even years in barren cages with little food or water, left exposed to the harsh elements. They receive no attention or veterinary care. Bred and raised for profit, they are eventually sold and slaughtered for human consumption.

If you believe that dogs shouldn't suffer and die for the trade in their meat, sign now to stand with us.

Manchul Kim/AP Images for HSI

Working for change

One by one, HSI is working with dog meat farmers to shut down their cruel operations and transition to alternative, humane livelihoods like crop farming. We've rescued the dogs from several such farms and brought them to the United States to find loving new homes. They serve as ambassadors to help raise awareness of this issue.

Soi Dog Foundation

Stopping cross-border transport

The Asia Canine Protection Alliance, of which HSI is a founding member, seeks to end the illegal trade of dogs from Thailand, Cambodia and Laos into Vietnam. Conservative estimates suggest that every year, over 80,000 dogs continue to be smuggled in from these countries to help supply the demand for dog meat in Vietnam. ACPA was successful in working with the governments to secure a five-year moratorium on cross border transport of dogs for the trade in 2014, and focuses on strengthening enforcement of the ban and training of relevant officials, as well as raising public awareness of the ban and the health risks of the dog meat trade, especially rabies.

Sandy Huffaker/AP Images for HSI

A promise to keep fighting

Here, HSI Director of Cruelty Response Adam Parascandola shares a quiet moment with a rescued South Korean dog just arrived at a U.S. shelter. We promise these animals and our advocates that we will not rest until the dog meat trade ends. Join us.

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