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Many countries are still battling organized, large-scale dogfighting operations as well as small backyard dogfighting. HSI is working to stop these practices through better policy and enforcement.

"Man’s best friend" may fight to the death in dogfights, often with tens of thousands of dollars at stake. Dogfighters sometimes kill the losing dogs, and even winners may die from their wounds. Police often discover drugs, guns, and even murder in connection with dogfights.

Together, we can save dogs from this abuse.


  • October 7, 2016

    Plus de 80 députés votent en faveur d’une modernisation des lois sur la protection animale au Canada

    Plus de 80 députés ont voté en faveur du projet de loi C-246, une loi sur la modernisation des mesures de protection des animaux, au cours de sa deuxième lecture à la Chambre des communes. Le projet de loi a été rejeté de justesse, mais l’immense soutien reçu tant par les politiques que les citoyens exprime clairement au gouvernement libéral qu’il est grand temps de prendre des mesures.

  • October 5, 2016

    HSI/Canada urges Liberal government to strengthen animal welfare provisions following defeat of bill

    HSI applauded Canadian MPs who voted for a bill to strengthen the animal welfare provisions in the Criminal Code. While the bill was narrowly defeated, the high level of political and public support for the initiative sent a strong message to the Liberal government that urgent action is needed.

  • July 18, 2016

    Lanzan campaña contra la peleas de perros en México

    HSI lanzó oficialmente la campaña “No + Peleas de Perros” en México. La campaña tiene como objetivo la aprobación de legislación para convertir a las peleas de perros en delito a nivel federal; alentar la denuncia ciudadana y colaborar con las autoridades para responder efectivamente a denuncias de peleas de perros.

  • July 18, 2016

    Anti-dogfighting campaign launched in Mexico

    HSI officially launched “No More Dogfighting” (No + Peleas de Perros), a campaign aimed at passing legislation to criminalize dogfighting at the federal level, encouraging people to place tips against dogfighters, and training law-enforcement authorities to effectively respond to reports of dogfighting in Mexico.

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