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April 23, 2008

"Vegan Fire & Spice"

Humane Society International

Every culture offers a variety of delicious, healthful dishes that also happen to be kind to animals.

Celebrity chef Robin Robertson is a master at creating recipes that offer traditional flavors while using readily available, cholesterol-free ingredients. The recipes below, representing different regions of the world, are featured in Robin’s cookbook, "Vegan Fire & Spice."


From Mexico:
Smooth and Sassy Guacamole

From the Caribbean:
Jamaican Jerk-Spiced Tempeh Nuggets

From South America:
Quinoa-Stuffed Avocados

From Europe:
Pasta Puttanesca

From Africa:
Jollof Rice and Beans

From the Middle East:
Middle Eastern Chickpea Soup

From India:
Quick Red Bean Dal  

From China:
Seitan in Spicy Orange Sauce

From Thailand:
Thai Coconut Soup

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