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December 8, 2009

Mercy Release: How You Can Help

Humane Society International

  • Catching birds for profit. EAST

  • Killed by a net. EAST

  • Far from merciful. EAST

  • Turtles to be sold for release. EAST

  • Animals may be released into the wrong habitat. EAST

Whether you are a Buddhist or a visitor to a country where “mercy release” is practiced, please don’t take part. Instead, create good karma through acts that help animals, such as supporting a legitimate wildlife sanctuary, donating to programs that aid street dogs, or adopting a more humane diet.

1. If you are a Buddhist and your temple holds such ceremonies, please talk to the monks and other religious leaders about the damage caused by mercy release. Ask them to stop.

2. Do not patronize pet shops that trade in mercy release animals. Ask the proprietors of such stores to stop selling animals for release.

3. Spread the word by distributing HSI’s Mercy Release brochure:

4. Take our No Mercy Release Pledge, promising never to participate in mercy release.

5. Donate to support our campaign and help animals around the world.

6. If you are a teacher or a student, make a presentation to your class about mercy release.

7. Sign up to receive action alerts and other information from Humane Society International.

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