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March 3, 2009

How To Help Street Dogs and Cats in the Caribbean

Humane Society International

  • Cat napping, Puerto Rico. HSI

There are many ways that tourists and businesses can help Caribbean animal welfare organizations and, in turn, help street dogs and cats.

» Donate directly to a Caribbean animal welfare organization

» Support Humane Society International's efforts to help street animals in the Caribbean and around the world

» Donate supplies—like pet food or cat litter—your time, or the use of a facility to support a Caribbean animal welfare organization

» Donate second-hand furniture, computers, appliances, towels and other items no longer needed at your place of business or your home that could be of use to a Caribbean animal welfare organization

» Raise awareness about a Caribbean animal welfare organization by displaying brochures or a donation box in your restaurant, hotel or shop or ask a local business to display them for you

» Support a fundraising event for an animal group by donating time, food, music, a raffle item, your venue or other items

» Sell products with the local animal welfare group's logo at your restaurant, hotel or shop with proceeds going to help animals, or ask a local business to sell them for you

» Work with a Caribbean animal welfare organization to establish a feral cat trap/neuter/release program at your hotel or restaurant

» Offer free ad space in your publication for a Caribbean animal welfare group

» Educate your friends, relatives, employees and customers about animal welfare issues and encourage them to support Caribbean animal welfare organizations

Tourism companies can also contact Humane Society International for more ideas on how to help, as well as more information about Caribbean animal welfare organizations

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