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April 10, 2011

Presentations from the 2011 Caribbean Animal Welfare Conference

Humane Society International

  • Street cat, Puerto Rico. HSI

Read bios of the conference speakers [PDF]

Mike Arms, Helen Woodward Animal Center
Increasing adoptions, marketing and fundraising strategies

Clara Lee Arnold, Hopkins Belize Humane Society
Attracting volunteer vets [PDF]

Toby Bloom, HSI
Ecotourism as an economic alternative to wildlife trade [PDF]

Mark Antonio Butler, DVM
Bahamas Hackney Cab Board: Project to improve working conditions for surrey horses in Nassau [PDF]

Emma Clifford, Animal Balance 
Changing government approach to animal control [PDF]

Karen Corbin, Antigua and Barbuda Humane Society
The Antigua Donkey Sanctuary: The development of to a tourism attraction, whilst highlighting their collaboration with the local government to enhance protection of donkeys

Erika Flores, IFAW
Strategies for humane population control in Cozumel, Mexico [PDF]

Dr. Melania Gamboa, WSPA
Surveying the roaming dog population [PDF]

Dr. Lauren Glickman, Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Project, Seattle
Feral cat spay/neuter [PDF] Handouts [PDF]

Dick Green, IFAW
Changes in global disasters [PDF]

Dellia Holondenschi, St. Thomas Humane Society
Cat Café program in St. Thomas [PDF] Powerpoint presentation

Sita Kuruvilla, Animal Network Network
Working with governments to create animal welfare legislation [PDF]

Julie Levy, DVM
Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program: Infection control in animal shelters [PDF] Handout [PDF]

Sara Maynard, Trinidad & Tobago SPCA
Shelter management and SOP’s [PDF]

Sandy Montrose, ASPCA
Creating an emergency shelter and responding to a large cruelty event [PDF]
Building collaborations [PDF]

Kate Nattrass Atema, IFAW
Adequate guardianship [PDF]

Dave Pauli, The HSUS
Animal capture and handling [PDF]

Bob Ragan, Monitor Caribbean

Marien Rodriguez, Save a Gato
Save a Gato [PDF]

Luke Tipple, Shark-Free Marinas
Sustainable eco-tourism [PDF]