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October 23, 2013

HSI: Helping Street Dogs Worldwide

Humane Society International

HSI has become expert at dealing humanely and effectively with street dog overpopulation. Today, we are called in by local and national governments when officials seek a compassionate solution or are overwhelmed after failed attempts at using other, often cruel, methods.

You can help. Join our special monthly giving program. Become a Street Dog Defender today.

Global reach

Look where we are currently making a difference—with plans to expand:

Our method works

We have developed a “system” that works and is replicable around the world; we believe that if governments are willing to work with us, we can assist them in designing a humane and sustainable dog population program to fit their situation.

Imagine—no more hungry, homeless dogs wandering the streets. We can make it happen. Please donate now to support our life-saving work.

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