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March 26, 2009

Resources for Caribbean Animal Welfare Organizations

Humane Society International

Running Effective Programs
» Sterilization
» Education
» Adoption
» Vaccination
» Trap/Neuter/Release
» Disaster Planning and Response

Running Effective Organizations
» Organizational Development
» Financial Management
» Fund Development
» Effective Boards
» Media Relations and Marketing
» Animal Shelter Operations

Animal Care
» Daily Care
» Capture and Handling
» Sickness and Disease
» Additional Animal Care Topics

Animals and the Law
» Legislation
» Ending Animal Cruelty
» Additional Legal Topics

Additional Resources
» Training
» Other Organizations
» Resource Materials
» Funding

» Why spay/neuter is important (HSI)
» Spay/neuter programs (HSUS)
» Challenges of animal protection on island nations (2002 conference proceedings)
» Pediatric spay/neuter

» Public education (HSI)
» Humane education (HSUS)
» Humane education survey—The Bahamas (College of The Bahamas)
» Apply adult learning to adoptions (ASPCA) (right-click and choose "Save As...")

» Adoption (HSUS)

» Vaccinations Animals (HSUS)

» Feral cats (HSUS)

Disaster Planning and Response
Presentations from the 2006 Caribbean Animal Welfare Conference (WSPA):
» Disaster management
» WSPA in disasters
» Compassion fatigue

Organizational Development
» Humane society organization and development (HSI)
» Meeting your mission—how close does your shelter come? (HSUS)
» Challenges of animal protection on island nations (2002 conference proceedings)
» Organizational development (ASPCA)
» How to establish credibility and work with local government (Antigua and Barbuda Humane Society)
» 8 tips for successfuly working with local government (Animal Balance)
» 8 consejos para tener éxito al trabajar con el gobierno (Animal Balance)

Financial Management
» Organizing the board to support the revenue strategy (CompassPoint)
» A board-staff contract for financial accountability (CompassPoint) 

Fund Development
» Fund raising and public relations (HSI)

Effective Boards
» Finding effective board members (Guidestar)
» Are we doing a good job? (CompassPoint)
» Board chair—making your mark (CompassPoint)
» Board committee job descriptions (CompassPoint)

Media Relations and Marketing
» Fund raising and public relations (HSI)
» Social marketing (HSUS)
» Media relations (HSUS)
» Lights, camera, action: attracting media coverage (HSI)

Animal Shelter Operations
» Guidelines for the operation of an animal shelter (HSUS)
» Guidelines for animal shelter policies (HSI)
» Creating shelter guidelines (HSI)
» Starting a shelter: Issue to consider before you do (HSI)

Daily Care
» Animal sheltering and control (HSI)
» Animal care (HSI)
» Cat care (HSUS)
» Dog care (HSUS)

Capture and Handling
» How to use a control pole (HSI)

Sickness and Disease
» Disease control (HSUS)
» Disinfecting and cleaning (HSUS)

Additional Animal Care Topics
» Dangerous dogs and breed-specific legislation
» Temperament in dogs (Antigua and Barbuda Humane Society)
» Impact of stray animals on the community, the economy, and the environment (Barbados Ministry of Agriculture)

» Laws, legal matters and regulation (HSUS)

Ending Animal Cruelty
» Animal Abuse and neglect (HSUS)
» End Animal Cruelty and Fighting Campaign (HSUS)

Presentations from the 2006 Caribbean Animal Welfare Conference (Bahamas Humane Society)
» Investigation pan 
» Sample witness statements

Additional Legal Topics
» Resources for prosecutors (HSUS)
» Providing for your pet's future without you (HSUS)

» Humane Society International Animal Care Expo—every year
» Caring Fields Animal Sanctuary—ongoing training events
» WSPA—various training events held throughout the region and world
» ASPCA—various trainings held throughout the year
» American Humane Association—annual conference

Other training opportunities may be available, including training specifically for your island or your animal welfare group. Please contact one of the organizations listed above with your specific training needs.

Other Organizations
The Pegasus Foundation works with several international and national animal welfare organizations that provide various kinds of support to Caribbean animal welfare groups:
» World Society for Protection of Animals—Latinoamerica and International
» World Animal Net
» Spay USA
» Petfinder.com
» International Fund for Animal Welfare
» Humane Society International
» Best Friends Animal Society
» American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)
» American Humane Association

Resource Materials
Resource materials on a wide range of topics are available through WSPA, ASPCA, American Humane Association, and other organizations. Please visit the following Web sites for more information:
» American Humane Association (AHA)
» American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)
» AnimalSheltering.org Resource Library (Sponsored by The Humane Society of the U.S.)
» Humane Society International (HSI)
» Humane Society International E-Library
» Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)
» Humane Society Academy (Including Online Courses)
» Humane Society: Youth
» Spay USA
» World Animal Net
» World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA): Latinoamerica and International

The Pegasus Foundation provides limited funding to Caribbean animal welfare groups who have been identified by foundation staff. Grants range in size from $1,000 to $10,000, with the majority of grants at $5,000 or less. A site visit may be required before your organization can be invited to apply for funding, but a site visit does not guarantee funding. For more information, visit the Pegasus Foundation website. You can also contact the Pegasus Foundation.

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