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January 7, 2011

Whales and Whaling

Research, reports and resources

Humane Society International

Humane Society International has been involved with the whaling issue and the IWC for many years. The following is a chronological list of related reports and resources, some of which were created and published by HSI.


Resolution introduced on June 28 to reaffirm the United States’ position both as a leader in whale conservation and as an outspoken opponent of commercial whaling [PDF]

Amazon.com's Unpalatable Profits - A report by the Environmental Investigation Agency [PDF]

Letter to Amazon.com CEO from Monica Medina, U.S. IWC Commissioner [PDF] 


Report of the Whale Welfare and Ethics Workshop [PDF]

Book flyer for "Whales and Dolphins: Cognition, Culture, Conservation and Human Perceptions" [PDF] (with a chapter contributed by HSI staff)


Facts & figures about whales and whaling

State of the Cetacean Environment Report [PDF]

Marine Scientists' Petition to the IWC [PDF]

Senate Letter to Obama [PDF]

House Letter to Obama [PDF]

HSI Letter to Obama on IWC Compromise Package [PDF]


Report on the Small Working Group (SWG) on the Future of the International Whaling Commission [PDF]

Whales Need US coalition letter to Obama [PDF]

Response to Chairs' Suggestions on the Future of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) [PDF]

HSI and other NGOs second letter to Obama [PDF]


Who's eating all the fish? [PDF] [Executive Summary]

Latin American NGO's Declaration, 60th IWC [PDF]

Japan/Greenpeace Statement to the 60th Meeting of the IWC [PDF]

Statement by Mamadou Diallo, WWF-Wamer, on behalf of the undersigned NGOs to the 60th Meeting of the IWC [PDF]

HSI Opening Statement to the 60th Meeting of the IWC [PDF]


Public Attitude Towards Issuing of New Whale Quotes in Iceland [PDF]



HSI's Opening Statement to the 58th Meeting of the International Whaling Commission [PDF]

HSI's Response to Japan's Plan for "Normalization of the IWC" [PDF]

Issues to Watch at the 58th IWC Meeting [PDF]

Save Whales, Not Whaling: The Fallacy of Humane Killing [PDF]

Save Whales, Not Whaling: The Revised Management Procedure and Scheme [PDF]

Save Whales, Not Whaling: Why Save Whales? [PDF]

IWC Executive Summary: Large Whales and Fisheries [PDF] [French, low res] [French, high res]

Mapping world-wide distributions of marine mammal species using a relative environmental suitability (RES) model. Article by Kristin Kaschner published in Marine Ecology Progress Series. [PDF]

It's not just poor science—Japan's 'scientific' whaling may be a human health risk too. Article by E.C.M. Parsons et al.; published in Marine Pollution Bulletin. [PDF]


Brazil's statement on Whaling [PDF]

HSI's Opening Statement to the 57th Meeting of the IWC [PDF]

The RMS—A Question of Confidence?: Manipulations and Falsifications in Whaling [PDF]

RMS report summary in Korean [PDF]


The Legislative History and Interpretation of Article 65 of the Law of the Sea Convention [PDF]

Competition between Marine Mammals and Fisheries: Food for Thought [PDF]  [French, full report] [French, executive summary] [Italian] [Korean


Iceland's Whaling Comeback: Preparations for the Resumption of Whaling - Part 1 [PDF] 

Iceland's Whaling Comeback: Preparations for the Resumption of Whaling - Part 2 [PDF]

The Berlin Initiative [PDF]

Hunted: a report on the cruelty of whaling by The HSUS and the WDCS [PDF]

The HSUS position statement for IWC 55 [PDF]

The HSUS position statement focusing on specific issues for IWC 55 [PDF]


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