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May 3, 2009

250,000 Seals' Lives Saved

How HSI is working to end the commercial seal slaughter

Humane Society International/Canada

Humane Society International is working around the world to stop Canada's cruel commercial seal slaughter. With your support, we are campaigning globally to close markets for seal products, to apply economic pressure to Canada's fishing industry, and to mobilize Canadians to put a final end to the seal hunt.

  • Seal pup. Mark Glover/HSI

And our efforts are truly saving seals' lives. This year, prices for seal fur fell to just $15 CAD—a decline of 86 percent since 2006. Most sealers chose to stay home as a result and, out of a quota of 338,200 seals, 57,622 seals have been killed to date. It is likely that by the regulated closing date of the slaughter, May 15, a quarter of a million seals will have been spared a horrible death.

We are so close to a final victory, and need your help more than ever to stop this slaughter for good.

Our campaign to close markets for seal products is achieving real results. In the past few years alone, 11 countries have either banned seal products or announced their intentions to do so. You can help us close the major markets for seal products, and ensure that seals are worth more alive than dead.

Boycott of Canadian seafood products

Our ProtectSeals boycott of Canadian seafood products is designed to give fishermen a direct economic choice: protect the source of 95 percent of their incomes—seafood such as crab, shrimp and lobster—or continue the seal hunt, which accounts for a tiny fraction of their annual incomes. As a consumer, you hold the direct power to help us stop this cruel slaughter, whether you live in the United States or in Europe.

At the same time, we are working to achieve a law in Canada that would stop commercial seal hunting forever. Senator Mac Harb introduced the first bill in Canadian history to stop the seal hunt. To date, hundreds of thousands of letters have poured in from across Canada and around the world to support his bill. It will be hard to turn this bill into law in Canada, but with enough public pressure, we can do it.

Together, we can end this cruelty. Thank you for standing with Humane Society International as we work to stop this senseless slaughter.