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August 13, 2009

2009: HSI Offers Aid After Taiwan Typhoon

Humane Society International

Mudslides and flooding have ravaged the southern villages of Taiwan since Typhoon Morokot struck on Saturday, August 8, causing some of the most catastrophic damage ever seen on the island. Hundreds of people are unaccounted for and hundreds more are stranded.

Many animals drowned and others, forgotten victims of this disaster, have been left homeless or buried alive in debris and mud. Villagers have sought shelter at local elementary schools but have been unable to bring their pets or livestock with them. Left behind in the mud-covered streets to fend for themselves, these animals have no food or clean water.

Humane Society International is supporting local relief efforts to provide animals affected by the storm with life-saving food, water shelter and veterinary attention.

According on-the-ground grant recipient Animal Rescue Team Taiwan (ARTT):

“The typhoon that caused catastrophic damages in Taiwan is one of the worst in history. We have never had such a devastating natural disaster since 1958. Almost all the shelters in the southern part of our island were flooded, thousands of dogs became homeless, and hundreds got drowned instantly. ARTT is now devoting all our possible resources to helping these needy animals. We are currently out of town on rescue missions. We do hope that God will help us go through all these pains and sufferings.

"ARTT explored the most devastated area to establish some feeding and watering stations. We luckily found two puppies who survived from the village where more than 500 villagers are believed to have been buried in the landslides and floods.

“Currently we are busy with the cleaning and reconstruction of the devastated shelters. We need to help them deal with the bodies of drowned animals as well as the sanitation of the environment. We wish we had 48 hours a day so that we could do more.”

You can help by donating to our International Disaster Fund.

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