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April 15, 2010

Cairo Conference Teaches Spay & Neuter

A two-week training session hosted by HSI

Humane Society International

  • Conference attendees. © HSI

  • Sharing technique. © HSI

Veterinarians from around the Middle East were able to strengthen their sterilization surgical skills and learn about the critical role of spay and neuter in animal welfare, after attending a two-week training session hosted by Humane Society International in Cairo.

Through our Street Animal Welfare initiative, HSI works to promote and perform spay/neuter for strays and pets. Your donation will help us reduce the overpopulation of homeless cats and dogs around the world.

Ten vets, representing Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, and Sudan participated in the training, which was held in March and hosted by the Egyptian Society of Animal Friends (ESAF). The vets planned to return to their respective countries ready to carry out spay and neuter surgery as the most basic step in animal welfare and population control.

Several veterinarians employed by the government of Egypt also participated in the training, led by HSI's Barry Kellogg, VMD, and Kelly Coladarci, CVT. Their presence was a valuable addition in that it demonstrated the need for and importance of government involvement in developing effective animal welfare programs in any country.

The attending veterinarians were also able to detail appropriate exam and diagnostic approaches. ESAF does see patients belonging to local residents and, as word about the many visiting vets spread, there were plenty of patients to see. This hands-on patient experience was extremely valuable, not only for the HSI staff, but also for the participating veterinarians.

"I have benefited very much in that it was a golden chance for me to meet colleagues from different countries and share knowledge with them. Personally it was a tremendous change in my career because I have never had any experience of working with pet animals, especially cats, nor performed or participated in any surgery since 1990 and that is why it took me a longer time to perform spaying. When I came back home to Darfur I spoke to the Vet. Association of North Darfur about the training and the importance of incorporating the concept of animal welfare in the list of objectives and they really appreciated the idea." —Dr. Salim Ahmed Mohammed Salim, Darfur, Sudan

The training was a great opportunity to "plant some seeds" in the Middle East. HSI hopes to capitalize on this solid beginning as we expand our work in the region.

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