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July 21, 2010

Building Capacity in Honduras

Celebrating six years of animal protection

Humane Society International

  • Public education is key. AHPRA

  • Many stray dogs populate the streets of Tegucigalpa. AHPRA

  • AHPRA strives to offer humane solutions for pet overpopulation. AHPRA

  • Countless animals in Honduras benefit from AHPRA's work. AHPRA

This year, our partner organization in Honduras is turning six. The Asociación Hondureña Protectora de los Animales y su Ambiente (AHPRA) was founded in 2004 and has since answered calls regarding animal abuse, neglect and abandonment, leading the charge to protect not only the companion animals of Honduras but also its diverse and critically endangered wildlife.

Filling a need

Like many other organizations of its kind, AHPRA was born out of a need to work toward ending to animal cruelty and the illegal wildlife trade. With the support of Humane Society International, AHPRA emerged as a leader in the field of animal welfare in Honduras and has gained the trust of local government officials and community members. In recent years, for example, AHPRA has been at the head of the negotiating table, establishing humane solutions to the issue of stray animal overpopulation in the city of Tegucigalpa. AHPRA has also served an important role in bridging the gap between the government and local communities by initiating a campaign to educate the public about wildlife protection laws in Honduras, and encouraging citizens to report wildlife poachers and smugglers to relevant governmental authorities.

Recognized as effective

AHPRA’s work is being recognized locally by the media, the community and the government. They are lobbying for stricter animal cruelty laws and teaching individuals the importance of caring for their animals. This group is an important voice for animal rights advocacy and is acting in a country that is willing to listen.

HSI has been working alongside AHPRA to build and strengthen the organization’s capacity to fulfill the position of consultant to the government on issues of animal welfare. HSI is proud to support AHPRA’s initiatives as we continue to fund their Responsible Companion Animal Ownership campaign, which seeks to disseminate knowledge of this topic within low-income neighborhoods, where the percentage of stray animals is dramatically higher. HSI and AHPRA are also committed to continuing to educate the public [PDF] about the endangered species in Honduras, and the laws governing their protection. AHPRA is truly an organization that is concerned with all animals in Honduras.