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November 12, 2010

Merapi Volcano Aid Efforts Continue

Helping cattle and monkeys

Humane Society International

  • Victim of the disaster. ProFauna

  • A macaque. Oystein Lund Andersen/istock

HSI is supporting the efforts of ProFauna, a local organization working to help animals on the ground in Indonesia after the eruption of Merapi volcano. They report:

A day after Merapi erupted October 26, 2010, ProFauna’s team went directly to Yogyakarta, Central Java to aid animal victims of the disaster. There have been many more eruptions since then and we have had to be very careful. During the worst one on November 5, ProFauna’s basecamp was burned by hot ash. Fortunately, there were no injuries.

Working with regency Livestock Departments, the Ministry of Agriculture and local people, we have been focusing on evacuation, feeding and medication of cattle, treating 1,700 animals so far. We have also renovated shelters for them in nine locations away from the affected area. We asked permission to join the Animal Evacuation Division organized by the government, and were told by officials that they would cover the cost of feeding the cows we had saved.

Additionally, we have been supplying food for wild long-tailed macaques. Hundreds of these animals were left hungry after their habitat was covered by volcanic ash. We have been challenged in this aspect of our mission as the danger zone widens to include the area where the monkeys live. We are not permitted to go certain places while the volcano is still active.

Because eruptions are still occurring, more animals will potentially be affected. So, we are continuing our work as best we can.