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December 30, 2010

2010 Accomplishments

Humane Society International

Assisted by our partners and supporters, HSI is proud to have helped achieve the following victories for animals in 2010:

Animals in laboratories


  • The European Union adopted tough new legislation for the protection of animals in labs.
  • The EU adopted a new regulation that will largely end lethal animal testing to detect shellfish toxins.
  • An HSI-led campaign to revolutionize EU testing requirements for non-agricultural pesticides led to political acceptance of numerous alternative testing approaches which have the potential to reduce animal use by 1/3 or more.

Farm animals


  • HSI helped increase the visibility of farm animal welfare issues in India and Brazil. Additional restaurants adopted cage-free egg procurement policies, and more small producers began favoring cage-free production.
  • We increased the visibility of animal welfare issues within the scientific community, with more than seven papers accepted for publication in peer-reviewed journals.
  • We called on negotiators and civil society during the UN Climate Change Conference in Mexico to address the climate change impacts of animal agriculture.
  • The Catalan Parliament voted to ban bullfighting across the whole region.

Companion animals


  • We completed a “Dog Population Survey” of Ahmedabad, India.
  • We trained 10 vets from five Middle Eastern countries in spay/neuter.
  • We signed an MOU with Southwestern University in the Philippines for a training center which will offer spay/neuter surgery training to Filipino vets.
  • We signed an MOU with Cebu City in the Philippines to help them adopt humane policies.
  • In Bhutan, we completed the spay/neuter of nearly 17,000 dogs.
  • We were on the ground in the wake of the earthquake in Haiti, and later trained 15 Haitian vets in spay/neuter and 60 Haitian vets in disaster management. We also opened the country’s first Animal Welfare Center.
  • The City Council of Richmond (a Vancouver suburb) drafted a bylaw amendment—the first of its kind in Canada—that will ban the sale of puppies in commercial pet stores.



  • China's Ministry of Housing and Urban Development proclaimed its decision to ban animal performance in zoos and safari parks. 
  • Honduras passed a law making shark fishing illegal in its waters.
  • In the lead-up to CITES 2010, HSI worked to successfully defeat proposals that would have been harmful to bobcats, elephants and whales, and get a proposal adopted to increase protection for certain species of tree frog.
  • A shark protection bill prohibiting the retail sale of shark fin soup and fin products that HSI championed became law in Hawaii.
  • HSI lobbied for wildlife proposals considered at the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna (ICCAT) meeting in Paris, which ended with several victories for sharks and sea turtles.
  • 423 MEPs signed Written Declaration 71/2010 on strengthening the EU ban on shark finning, which led to the adoption of this Parliamentary Resolution.
  • The legislative branch of the Israeli government unanimously endorsed historic legislation seeking to outlaw the production, processing, import, export and sale of fur. The bill will be considered further during 2011.
  • The European Parliament adopted amendments to a proposed regulation on textile names and the related labeling of textile products relating to the mandatory labeling of animal-derived materials at first reading in May 2010.

Marine mammals


  • Fewer than 30 sealing vessels hailed out in an area where nearly 1,000 usually operate. Tens of thousands of seals died, but hundreds of thousands lived through the 2010 slaughter as we kept the pressure on to end Canada's seal hunt. 
  • The European Union ban on trade in seal products from commercial hunts formally entered into force.
  • HSI’s Dr. Naomi Rose testified as a witness for a U.S. House Subcommittee oversight hearing on marine mammals in captivity in the wake of the death of an orca trainer at SeaWorld.
  • HSI’s Dr. Naomi Rose wrote a chapter on whales and dolphins, which was published in OCEANS, the companion volume to the Disney film.
  • HSI participated in the IWC annual meeting in Agadir, Morocco and helped defeat a proposal to lift the ban on commercial whaling and sanction hunts by Japan, Iceland and Norway.
  • An Anguilla court ruled, in a case for which HSI’s Dr. Naomi Rose had served as an expert witness for the plaintiffs, that dolphinarium permits were issued improperly and must be reconsidered by government agencies.
  • The annual grey seal hunt did not occur on Hay Island in Canada after complications arose around selling products of the slaughter. 
  • Twelve Vancouver restaurants pledged not to buy some or all seafood from Canada's east coast until the seal slaughter ends.



  • HSI successfully worked to include wildlife protection in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade agreement negotiations.
  • We expressed our support for the Dolphin Safe label during the Tuna-Dolphin Dispute at the World Trade Organization.
  • We created an animal handling curriculum and CD for Central America, and are training border and customs officials in its use.
  • We partnered with Interpol to train 80 Colombian police officers on the illegal wildlife trade and proper animal handling.
  • We led cacao fairs for more than 500 community members in Costa Rica and Nicaragua to celebrate the biodiversity on cacao farms and pledge its continued protection.
  • We formed the Model Wildlife Rescue Center Network for Central America and conducted its first meeting.
  • We trained 70 community members in Costa Rica and Nicaragua as part of our ecotourism program, on topics such as birdwatching, biology, and small business management.
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