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March 8, 2011

Feeding Camels in Egypt

HSI helps animals caught up in the turmoil

Humane Society International

  • Awaiting their turn. HSI

  • Keeping track. HSI

  • Greeting the newly arrived. HSI

  • Waiting to be fed. HSI

  • Taking notes and explaining appropriate feeding. HSI

by Hassan Abdelrahim

"My camel used to make 40-60 EGP per day, and that money was supporting our animals and our children, but after the revolution we have nothing with which to feed the animals. Our animals were starving. Thank you and God bless you for helping," said one man when HSI gave him a week's worth of feed for his camel.

The area around the pyramids is one of the places most affected by the ongoing crisis and resulting absence of tourism. During our assessment, we counted approximately 800-1,000 camels in this location, estimating that 15-20 percent of them are in dire condition after recent events. These suffering animals were our starting point. The real challenge for our team is reaching those in greatest need of feed and care.

With the help of The Brooke/Egypt, we were able to successfully carry out the logistics of feed distribution.

We delivered supplies enough for a week to camels in this location and will continue to monitor them and re-evaluate their health in the coming weeks. At the moment, we see no need for a medical clinic as the problems they have (such as mange and old wounds), they are already dealing with. Having an opportunity to rest is also allowing the camels to recover.

A community leader thanked us, explaining, "The relief of the suffering animals is relief for the people scared of losing them."

We are making plans to reach animals in other parts of the country not yet covered by other NGOs and still dealing with a loss of tourism and the disrupted economy.

Dr. Hassan Abdelrahim is Middle East Manager for HSI.

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