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March 2, 2011

Helping Animals Injured by Blasts in Tanzania

HSI responds to appeal for aid

Humane Society International

  • People brought their animals to be treated. Tanzania Animal Welfare Society

  • In the affected area. Tanzania Animal Welfare Society

  • Suffering from eye injuries. Tanzania Animal Welfare Society

  • Undergoing examination. Tanzania Animal Welfare Society

  • Set up to help. Tanzania Animal Welfare Society

Bomb blasts near a military base in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania on the evening of February 16, 2011 caused serious damage, harming people, animals and property. More than 30 people were reported dead, with at least 300 injured and more than 4,000 displaced. The government was providing temporary shelter at the city's stadiums.

Some animals in the area were hurt or killed by the explostions, and others were left behind when the people evacuated their residences. HSI is supporting the efforts a local organization, Tanzania Animal Welfare Society, to help. It is estimated that 500 dogs and cats may have been affected, plus hundreds of cows, goats and sheep and thousands of chickens (since the area is a leader in commercial poultry keeping).

Tanzania Animal Welfare Society stepped in on February 17 with a plan to work non-stop for at least two weeks, covering the entire area within 25 kilometers of the military base.

Staff report that the animals suffer from eye injuries, wounds on their bodies, changed behaviour, impaired hearing, and hunger.

Volunteers with speakers in the streets are announcing that people should bring their animals to the organization's Animal Help Camps. Staff are also treating animals they come across wandering in the streets, dressing cuts, vaccinating against rabies, de-worming, and providing other veterinary care and food and water.