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October 24, 2011

Bomas Get Built

HSI-sponsored lion-proof bomas constructed in Kenya

Humane Society International

  • After a boma was completed. Born Free Foundation

  • A plaque thanking HSI. Born Free Foundation

In June, we reported that several specially designed lion-proof barriers called bomas were scheduled to be built in Kenya’s Tsavo ecosystem.

Thanks to funds donated by Humane Society International and our generous supporters, our partner in this project, Born Free Foundation(BFF), purchased supplies such as poles, chain-link fence, and iron metal doors and completed construction of seven bomas in six villages.

The boma is not a new concept, but simply an improved one. These new lion-proof structures are reinforced versions of the traditional design, incorporating higher fencing and solid doors for getting in and out. They will better protect cattle and goats from predation and in turn preserve the economic well-being of the community. Lions and other predators are less likely to become victims of retaliatory killing, as they will no longer have access to domesticated animals as a food source. Reducing lion deaths will safeguard this critical species for the eco-tourism industry, another important contributor to local prosperity.

Help us build more bomas by contributing to our Stop Wildlife Abuse fund.

Raising community members' awareness of the benefits of lion-proof bomas and why they are important for both environmental and economic reasons was crucial in order to ensure their success. The boma team made presentations to address these topics before construction began. When it came time to start building, the local people were more than happy to help and participated in all aspects of the process, from digging holes to nailing chain link fence to poles. With their assistance, it only took about one full day to complete each boma.

Other lion-proof bomas that have been built by BFF have seen a 100 percent success rate so far, giving the locals good reason to welcome them with open arms. They will provide much-needed peace of mind for the 400 community members living within the six villages while also saving the lives of countless numbers of lions and other predators.

You can help

Building bomas is expensive! If you’d like to help fund the construction of more, please contribute to our Stop Wildlife Abuse fund to support this and our other initiatives to protect wildlife. You can also help save lions by taking action to get them listed as "endangered" under the U.S. Endangered Species Act.