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November 8, 2011

Sheltering Wildlife from Flooding

Humane Society International

  • Observing a rescued bird. HSI

  • The vets at the park. HSI

  • Two rescued deer. HSI

  • Discussing the sick monkey. HSI

  • Meeting with park officials. HSI

  • Deplated supplies. HSI

The worst floods in Thailand in half a century have taken their toll on the country's wildlife reserves and parks. The HSI disaster response team was invited to visit Khow Kheow, where animals from the flood-affected Dusit Zoo, snake farms and other independent facilities are temporarily being housed.

A temporary haven

HSI vets Dr. Del Napoles and Dr. Patel met with park officials to try to understand the situation and see if they could help in any way. The director of the zoo, Mr. Suriya, spoke to the team about the animals who had been evacuated from the other locations, along with a few that had been saved from the floodwaters and were being treated at Khow Kheow's wildlife hospital.

Support our efforts to help animal victims of this and other disasters

Among the various evacuees moved to the park was a rescued monkey who sat cowering in a corner, bleeding from one eye. The HSI vets observed the animal for a while and discussed treatment and rehabilitation options with the Khow Kheow staff.

An uncertain situation

We hope the animals at Khow Kheow will remain safe from the extreme conditions that our team witnessed in the areas surrounding Bangkok. The head vet at the hospital, Dr. Arsaidhamakul, and consulting vet, Dr. Kongprom, spoke of limited resources and diminishing supplies due to the sudden, unexpected increase in the number of animal residents. The HSI vets also visited the hospital and discussed the treatment being administered to various animals and possibilities for future collaboration and support for rescue operations, if the situation worsens, with more animals being moved into the zoo. Help by donating to our disaster fund.

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