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November 15, 2011

Thailand Floods: Organizing and Publicizing the TWP Shelter

Humane Society International

  • An abandoned puppy being cared for at the shelter. HSI

  • Affection is healing! HSI

  • The team at work. HSI

  • Dogs are in corrals. HSI

  • Treating a patient. HSI

  • Vaccines and medications. HSI

  • A list of needed items. HSI

  • Reconfiguring the shelter. HSI

  • Held for examination. HSI

At the TWP coalition animal shelter, constructed in the outskirts of Bangkok in the wake of the recent flooding in Thailand, the HSI team has been hard at work, vaccinating the rescued dogs and puppies and multitasking as engineers, installing tents and helping with the expansion of the facility.

Reconfiguring for greater efficiency

After HSI helped set up a command structure and sketched out a short-term plan to keep things running smoothly, the other members of the coalition began to feel less overwhelmed as they focused on specific, assigned duties.

Give to help these dogs and others affected by disaster

HSI vet Dr. Del Napoles supervised the clearing up of a small warehouse—the only enclosed location at the shelter, which was being used to stock food—to set it up as an operating theater. He and HSI's Dr. Patel implemented bio-security measures to avoid the spread of infection and viruses as the shelter continues to rescue more animals, irrespective of the state of their health. The shelter now has corrals to provide adequate space and light for the dogs throughout the day, and confinement has been separated into contagious and non-contagious areas.

Gaining media attention

Word has spread about the efforts being undertaken to ensure the safety of so many animals at the TWP shelter, and Thai television networks have begun to cover the story. “I cannot describe the feeling of fulfillment over the last few days... to rescue and keep all these animals safe has been very satisfying,” said Dr. Del Napoles.

HSI applauds the work of the coalition of local groups rescuing animals and running the TWP and other shelters. Their determination and commitment in this major disaster is what is facilitating an improved situation for so many animals, both for the short and long term. Donate to support our efforts.

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