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August 20, 2012

Protecting Polar Bears, Innovating for Elephants: HSI Wildlife News Bulletin

Animal stuff you want to know, in 200 words or less

Humane Society International

  • Polar bears need better protection. istock

Polar bears are a bit better off since the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources announced its support of the transfer of these animals to CITES Appendix I, which would effectively prohibit international commercial trade of polar bear products. HSI is now working with the Ministry to prepare a listing proposal for submission to the CITES Secretariat by October 4. See what else we’ve done recently to protect polar bears and how you can help.

More great news, from Africa: HSI welcomed articles in influential publications in South Africa about our elephant immunocontraception workshop in Durban, South Africa, and we visited one of 14 reserves where our immunocontraception program is being used to humanely control elephant population growth. Learn more about elephant immunocontraception.

We were thrilled that the Wall Street Journal published a positive review of “Death at SeaWorld,” the gripping novel by David Kirby that focuses on HSI’s Dr. Naomi Rose and her tireless efforts to protect captive cetaceans. See a video and learn more about ways you can take action to help captive dolphins and whales.

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