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February 1, 2013

HSI's Be Cruelty-Free Campaign Makes Progress in Korea

Korean lawmaker, companies pledge to help end animal testing for cosmetics

Humane Society International

  • Congresswoman Moon Jeong-Lim pledges to "Be Cruelty-Free." KARA

  • Congresswoman Moon and HSI's Troy Seidle. KARA

Following a successful campaign to preserve the long-awaited European ban on imports of cosmetics tested on animals, HSI is stepping up its efforts to stamp out cosmetics cruelty worldwide. This week marked the launch of Be Cruelty-Free Korea, a partnership between HSI and Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA) aimed at achieving a legislative ban on new cosmetics animal testing and the sale of these products throughout South Korea.

National Assembly Member Moon Jeong-Lim was the first Korean lawmaker to sign our pledge to “Be Cruelty-Free.” This followed high-level meetings with HSI Research & Toxicology Director Troy Seidle, KARA and officials from the Korea Food and Drug Administration, in which HSI outlined specific proposals for revising Korean laws to reflect the European and Israeli precedents. Our proposals build upon an existing effort by the Congresswoman to achieve meaningful cruelty-free cosmetics labeling in Korea.

HSI and KARA met also with the heads of Korean cruelty-free cosmetics companies eager to support our Be Cruelty-Free campaign. Seidle lectured about "Ending Animal Testing in the Cosmetics Industry" at televised parliamentary and public seminars organized by KARA, and was interviewed by The Korea Times and other national media outlets.

A follow-up seminar is being planned to further explore legislative options for ending cosmetic animal testing in Korea.

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