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January 7, 2013

Isaac: A Story of Survival

Humane Society International

  • Isaac today—healthy and happy! HSI

  • Isaac almost didn't make it. Miguel Lorinville

  • Dr. Émile with Isaac. Miguel Lorinville

  • Dr. Caduche examines Isaac. Diane Bélanger

  • Isaac had a voracious appetite for Pro-Biolac, kindly donated by Vetoquinol. HSI

by Amelia Muccio

This past August after Tropical Storm Isaac hit Haiti, we provided disaster relief services in various communities throughout the Port-au-Prince area. A few miles from our clinic, we found a very skinny puppy who had been left for dead. He was lying in the grass and we feared he might already be gone.

To our surprise, he was alive, though barely. We rescued him and brought him back with us for emergency treatment. He was just skin and bones, suffering from dehydration and skin lesions. He was lethargic and frightened. We gave him fluids, high-calorie food, vitamins and antibiotics. Every day, he grew a bit stronger.

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We learned the backstory of the starving puppy when we met his young owner, who acknowledged having discarded the animal outside during the storm because he had too many dogs already and this was his least favorite. Fortunately, the puppy survived and we suitably named him Isaac.

A happy ending

When Isaac was deemed healthy and brought up-to-date on all necessary vaccinations, he was taken in by an aid worker in Haiti. He had survived neglect and a terrible storm to be rewarded with a loving home and a safe future.

A living example

Isaac is a microcosm of our work in Haiti. He embodies the reasons why we are here—to do humane education to reduce animal cruelty and to provide the medical treatment needed to support both street dogs and owned dogs on the island.

The ordeal he lived through highlighted the importance of our ongoing work and the difference well-trained veterinarians—scarce in number but vital to creating a healthier situation for animals—are making in this country. Give now to support our efforts.

Amelia Muccio is Director, Haiti Project & Disaster Operations for HSI.

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