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January 18, 2013

Ending Thailand-to-Vietnam Dog Meat Trade

Humane Society International

Note: Some viewers may find portions of this video disturbing.

HSI, Soi Dog, Animals Asia and Change for Animals have formed the Asia Canine Protection Alliance to combat the trade between Thailand and Vietnam of dogs for slaughter and consumption. The suffering this trade causes is immense, and the cruelty is blatant. Tens of thousands of dogs are captured in Thailand and then endure long, grueling transport to Vietnam in crowded, suffocating conditions. At the end of their awful journey, the doomed animals are butchered and their meat sold.

A documentary film, "Shadow Trade," illustrates the sad reality of this trade. Winner of the 2012 Animal Content in Entertainment Documentary Grant, it features Soi Dog, a member of the alliance.

Care about the welfare of strays? Become a Street Dog Defender.

Although this trade is condemned by the majority of the Thai population, the few who engage in it have done so in the past with little resistance. As rabies has become an issue of greater concern for governments throughout Asia, however, the trade of dogs has been highlighted.

The mission of the Asia Canine Protection Alliance is to provide the people and governments of Asia with the support and expertise needed to eliminate rabies and other communicable diseases by ending the trade in dogs for human consumption and providing humane and sustainable solutions to dog population management issues.

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