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February 25, 2013

Celebrating the End of Cosmetics Animal Testing in Europe

... and leading the campaign to convince the rest of the world to "be cruelty-free"

Humane Society International

  • HSI is leading the campaign to make the whole world cruelty-free. iStock

  • Indian lawmaker Debasree Roy speaks out for HSI Be Cruelty-Free campaign. Arkaprava Bhar

  • Korean Congresswoman Moon Jeong-Lim pledges to Be Cruelty-Free. KARA

In a momentous victory for the campaign to end animal testing, the European Union has bowed to pressure from Humane Society International and our allies and has promised it will finally ban the sale of cosmetic products and ingredients that are tested on animals after March 11, 2013.

This means that in order to continue selling its products in Europe — the world’s largest market for beauty products — a cosmetics company must now be able to prove that neither its finished product nor any of the raw ingredients have been tested on animals anywhere in the world after the ban is in force.

Never has there been a stronger incentive for cosmetic companies to kick their animal testing habit. And it likely wouldn't have happened without the help of the half million compassionate consumers who have supported HSI’s campaign every step of the way — who believe, as we do, that all cosmetics should be cruelty-free.

A rising trend

But the good news doesn’t stop there.

Following Europe’s example, Israel has now also enacted cosmetics animal testing and sales bans. And through Be Cruelty-Free — the leading global campaign to end animal testing for cosmetics — HSI and our partners are actively working with lawmakers, regulators and companies in nearly 10 countries to stamp out cosmetics animal cruelty once and for all.

What we're doing

Here are just a few examples of our Be Cruelty-Free campaign in action:

  • Last November in Brazil, we hosted a scientific workshop to bring together top-level government officials, companies and international experts to promote swifter acceptance of animal testing alternatives and a shift away from animal testing for cosmetics—and already Brazil has updated its cosmetic testing guidelines for the better.
  • Our campaign in India has created a groundswell of political pressure, which has led India's Drug Controller General to issue a directive to eliminate animal tests for cosmetics.
  • We recently held an intensive series of governmental and corporate meetings and public awareness events in South Korea that were aimed at building support for legislation to end cosmetics animal testing.

There's much more to come! For all the latest news, visit hsi.org/becrueltyfree. And if you haven't already, please join us: Sign the pledge to Be Cruelty-Free! Then, donate to help us make our vision of ending animal testing forever a reality.

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