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February 12, 2013

Making Strides for Street Dogs

More than 30,000 reached in 2012

Humane Society International

  • We're working to combat overpopulation. Alex Rothlisberger/HSI

  • Two on the street. Alex Rothlisberger/HSI

  • Street dogs can be found in all sorts of settings. Alex Rothlisberger/HSI

  • Watching the world go by. Alex Rothlisberger/HSI

  • Teaching humane handling. HSI

2012 was another great year for HSI’s street dog programs, as we continued to invest and grow. We are reaching more and more animals, directly and indirectly, each year through our field clinics, vet training programs and successful lobbying for policy change at the local and national levels.

Some highlights:

Partnerships – because together, we can achieve more!

  • In April, the Royal Government of Bhutan signed a second agreement with HSI to extend our street dog project in that country until 2015.
  • In July, we celebrated the launched of the first humane dog population management program in Weixian County in China. The project is a collaboration between HSI, Beijing’s Capital Animal Welfare Association, the Weixian government and the Weixian Animal Protection Association.
  • In September, HSI embarked on a new partnership with Vets Beyond Borders to increase our training capacity at the Jaipur Veterinary Training Centre in India.
  • In September, the Municipality of Viacha, Bolivia, agreed to stop poisoning companion animals and designated funds towards spay/neuter programs with guidance and support from HSI.
  • In October, Cebu City officials in the Philippines reported a 36 percent drop in dog bite incidents from January to June 2012 as compared with 2011! HSI has been a partner in Cebu City’s spay/neuter program since 2009.
  • In December, we joined forces with Animals Asia and Soi Dog in a new campaign for 2013 to tackle the cruel dog meat trade in Thailand and Vietnam.

Training programs – investing in local, sustainable change

  • In Bhutan, HSI trained 31 vets to help prepare them for taking ownership of the project after 2015.
  • In India, HSI trained 47 vets, 30 para-vets and five animal handlers in the Catch-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return protocol at the Jaipur center.
  • In the Philippines, HSI trained 37 municipal vets in spay/neuter techniques, and more than 30 animal handlers in humane handling. Since this project began in February 2011, six municipalities have changed their dog control practices from inhumane culling to focusing on community spay/neuter programs.
  • In Latin America and the Caribbean, HSI trained 13 vets/para-vets in spay/neuter techniques and protocols, and 15 handlers in humane handling.

Spay/neuter – humane population management, preventing suffering

  • During 2012, more than 10,000 dogs were sterilized in Bhutan. Since our project began in February 2009, HSI has sterilized more than 42,000 dogs in Bhutan.
  • More than 5,000 dogs were sterilized in Cebu City in the Philippines; nearly 10,000 dogs were vaccinated for rabies.
  • Almost 6,000 dogs were sterilized in the cities of Ahmedabad and Jaipur in India.
  • In Latin America, HSI sterilized more than 3,000 dogs through outreach community field clinics, plus another 5,000 dogs in Costa Rica through a local NGO partner.
  • In Haiti, more than 1,000 dogs were sterilized.
  • In the Caribbean, not including Haiti, 475 dogs were sterilized through local field clinics.

That’s more than 30,000 dogs… and this doesn’t include the thousands of medical treatments for diseases and injuries that were carried out, nor the vaccinations, the adoptions and other projects run by local NGOs with HSI support… not to mention cats and other animals who were treated at HSI clinics (including elephants in India).

We are proud to report that a total of more than 46,500 animals received direct care from HSI in 2012! Add to that the animals who will be treated and helped by the 115 vets that we trained last year, and we can start to really see the scale of the impact of our work.

We are looking forward to even greater things in 2013 and are grateful for the caring and commitment of our Street Dog Defender supporters.

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