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March 26, 2013

Korean Cosmetics Company Drops China Export Plans Following Be Cruelty-Free Talks

  • Companies are saying no to needless cruelty. KARA

HSI and our Be Cruelty-Free campaign partner, KARA, warmly welcome the announcement by leading Korean cosmetics company Aromatica that it has abandoned plans to sell its products in China after we brought it to the attention of the company's executives that animal testing for cosmetics is required by the Chinese government.

True to their word

Aromatica released the following statement:

“Aromatica has been preparing for launching our products in China for the past two years. We had all the contracts signed with the export agency and were waiting for our two products to pass the sanitary inspection. We were not informed of conducting animal testing on our products by any of the Chinese agencies. However, after speaking to the Korea Food and Drug Administration and Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency, we were told that in fact, some functional cosmetics and products containing unknown herbal ingredients are tested on animals.

"After learning this, it was a shock to us, since we were not informed of the animal testing issue in China for the past two years. We therefore decided to withdraw all our plans and contracts of launching our market in China and delivered our position to the Chinese agency that we will not be expanding our business to China until the Chinese government changes their position on cosmetics animal testing.

"After the meeting with KARA and HSI, our company learned how important your campaign is to help save animals and we will support it until all cruelty ends in the cosmetics industry.”

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Growing support

Since launching the Korean arm of our global Be Cruelty-Free campaign to end cosmetics animal testing, HSI and KARA have been delighted to receive support from a growing number of cruelty-free cosmetics companies keen to see Korea abandon out-dated and unethical testing practices. We have also gathered significant political support for our detailed legislative proposal to update Korean test regulations. 

Our recent public opinion shows that consumers clearly want an end to cosmetics cruelty in Korea, and we feel sure that companies and policy makers will respond to that mandate for change, just as we have seen in Europe.

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