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April 25, 2013

We’re Making a World of Difference for Animals Used in Cosmetics Testing

Humane Society International

  • Fewer animals will suffer. Fekete Tibor/istock

It's the one-year anniversary of our Be Cruelty-Free campaign, and we've come a long way! We've been hard at work to end the pain and suffering of thousands of innocent animals used in cosmetics testing in countries around the world. As a global force for compassionate cosmetics, we’re making a real impact.

EU bans sale of cruel cosmetics

Our vibrant EU campaign ended in a victory for animals when the European Union finally implemented in full its sales ban on newly animal-tested cosmetics, thereby becoming the world’s largest cruelty-free cosmetics market, a shining example that we’re now aiming to replicate across the globe. Our thanks to Melanie C and Ke$ha, who joined us in celebrating the EU ban with a video message and a heartfelt open letter to the global cosmetics industry.

Be Cruelty-Free Brazil

Brazil is one of the world’s largest cosmetics markets, and we’re working to change the outdated animal tests that still dominate its safety guidelines. Already, Brazil’s testing regulations have been improved, for the first time including alternatives! Our opinion poll showed that two out of three Brazilians support a ban on animal testing for cosmetics.

Donate to support our efforts, then sign our Be Cruelty-Free pledge!

India ending cosmetics cruelty

Already, after meeting with HSI/India, the Drug Controller General has issued a directive calling for the last remaining animal tests for cosmetics to be deleted. Now, we are now pressing the government to implement this directive as swiftly as possible. A galaxy of Bollywood stars and politicians have joined our campaign.

Compassionate cosmetics in Korea

Our BCF campaign partner Korea Animal Rights Advocates hit the streets with an eye-catching bunny parade to launch our Be Cruelty-Free campaign. We’ve also been busy meeting with key politicians—including the former Prime Minister of South Korea and the Presidential science advisor—the Korea Food and Drug Administration, and companies such as LUSH and Aromatica. We also formally submitted a proposal to change Korean law to end cosmetics animal testing.

Cruelty-free campaigning down under

We are working with partners Humane Research Australia, Choose Cruelty Free Australia and SAFE to urge Australia and New Zealand to follow the EU’s example. Actress Pippa Black is supporting our campaign and we are using an animated video created by Choose Cruelty-Free online and on television (in North America). We are also promoting SAFE’s SafeShopper guide.

Raising awareness in North America

Our public opinion polls revealed that 88 percent of Canadians and 67 percent of Americans oppose animal testing for cosmetics—a mandate for change. Our meetings with Canadian federal politicians and Health Canada are starting a dialogue about how to end animal testing for beauty products in Canada, and in the United States our partner, The HSUS, recruited an impressive list of celebrity supporters to help spread our message of compassionate cosmetics.

From Russia with love—for animals!

Russia still permits animals to be used in painful cosmetics tests, so this region is a key focus of our campaign. In collaboration with VITA Animal Rights Centre, we placed a poster in the Moscow Metro and launched our BCF pledge online and in LUSH stores. We also joined with the Institute for In Vitro Sciences to provide Russian scientists with hands-on lab training in non-animal tests.

Help us help animals

If you’re on Twitter or Facebook, please wear our Be Cruelty-Free twibbon to show that you care. Listen to “Pretty,” a song about cosmetics animal testing by Janie Christensen. Please also become a Lab Animal Defender to help us end the suffering for so many animals dying for the beauty industry.

Thanks to our global Be Cruelty-Free partners: Animal Alliance of Canada; Humane Research Australia; Choose Cruelty Free Australia; SAFE (New Zealand); VITA (Russia); KARA (Korea); ARCA and ProAnima (Brazil), FIAPO and Blue Cross of India (India).

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