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November 20, 2013

Rescuing Pets After Typhoon Haiyan

Humane Society International

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A team of four, led by Dr. Rey del Napoles, has been on the island of Leyte doing outreach with two vehicles. They have set up operations in Tacloban City and will focus on mobile vet care, feeding stations and direct rescue of animals. They are working alongside another team from the island of Marinduque that includes volunteers known to HSI from our Philippines veterinary training programs over the past three years.

We have already received numerous pleas to rescue dogs and cats and have successfully located many of them, along with a stray puppy we found under a car in an abandoned compound, who will be put up for adoption.

Support our life-saving disaster response efforts.

In many conversations, the owners we talked to cried and told their stories of having to evacuate without their animals and how difficult it was to leave them behind. In one exchange, a sobbing Tacloban evacuee stated, “We left our beloved BeeBaa (pet dog) in our locked home... It's been a week and I'm afraid that the food and water we left him might not last any longer.”

In all exchanges, the people were immensely grateful and applauded the efforts of HSI to respond to this disaster. Our team is very motivated and committed to locating these animals and returning them to their families. Donate to our International Disaster Fund.

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