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November 22, 2013

Advancing Our Be Cruelty-Free Campaign in China

Humane Society International

  • Be Cruelty-Free advocates

  • Advertising the message to passers-by

  • Rabbit ears attracted attention

  • Explaining the issue

On the heels of an exciting announcement by China's Food & Drug Administration that from June 2014, animal testing will no longer be required for domestically manufactured cosmetic products, our Be Cruelty-Free campaign team has been avidly pursuing our goal of achieving a complete Chinese ban on animal testing of cosmetics.

High-level change

We made a detailed technical submission to the CFDA in September, and were the first animal advocacy group to meet with CFDA officials after the news came out. Dr. Peter Li, our China specialist, was delighted to hear that although the plans have gone through extensive deliberations, the key aspects of the policy will likely be formally adopted.

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During our meeting, we urged that China's rule change be extended as soon as possible to also apply to foreign imported and “special” cosmetics.

In the streets

Meanwhile, at the grassroots level, we held several events in the streets of Dalian to raise public awareness about the suffering involved in testing cosmetics on animals.

Wearing rabbit ears and Be Cruelty-Free t-shirts, our campaigners handed out leaflets to more than 2,700 people, hundreds of whom signed our Be Cruelty-Free China pledge.

Event organizer Yu Dezhi said, "We believe that animals do not have to die for human beauty products. It is time that China shifted to humane methods to determine the safety of cosmetics."

Learn more and help

To learn more, read our China FAQ and visit our Be Cruelty-Free China campaign page.

Please donate to support our efforts and sign our Be Cruelty-Free pledge.

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