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November 21, 2013

Reuniting Pets and Families After Typhoon Haiyan

Humane Society International

  • So happy to be reunited! Tonee Despojo

  • Waiting to go home. Tonee Despojo

  • Are my people here yet? Tonee Despojo

  • Bringing the rescued pets back to our shelter. Tonee Despojo

  • First good meal since the storm. Tonee Despojo

  • Having fun with the rescuees. Tonee Despojo

  • The lucky cat. Tonee Despojo

  • Discussing plans. Tonee Despojo

  • Rescuing a rat. Tonee Despojo

Our disaster response team arrived in Cebu with 11 rescued animals in tow, including seven dogs, two cats, and one white rat! Within two hours of reaching our emergency shelter in Cebu, seven of the animals were reunited with their families.

In one special case, two little children, a brother and sister, were picking up their dogs, Graham and Abigail, and mentioned to our staff that they had also left their cat behind. This was not something they had mentioned in the original rescue request, so the team responded that they had only picked up one unowned cat on their last trip to Tacloban.

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When the staff led the boy to the cat, he jumped in surprise and happily yelled, “This is my cat!” The team had come across a cat in the same vicinity of Graham and Abigail’s home and decided to take the animal in.

All in all, it was a very rewarding and productive day for our responders.

The second rescue team is now headed for Leyte and will pick up as many of the remaining animals requested for rescue as possible. They will also continue to offer mobile veterinary care and set up feeding stations.

Read a blog entry on our continuing response by HSUS President and CEO Wayne Pacelle.

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