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November 15, 2013

Welcome Amidst the Turmoil

Humane Society International

Please donate to help animals affected by disaster.

Despite the turmoil and devastation around them, the victims of Typhoon Haiyan are grateful to have options for their companion animals and the government authorities are appreciative of our outreach. Wherever they have gone, our teams have been welcomed.

On Bantayan, people living in a camp after having lost everything thanked our responders over and over again as they fed and watered their dogs, having been forced until then to share what little they had with their animals. Our team was struck by the smiles of the children as they held tightly to their beloved pets amid the ruins.

Unfortunately, the suffering continues. Bantanyan is known for its factory farming, and we found large-scale chicken operations badly impacted, with many dead birds. Most pigs survived, but were left exposed to the brutal sun and heat.

At this time, we expect to focus on Tacloban and Palo, two of the hardest-hit areas. We will head in again when security permits; in the meantime, we are ordering supplies and equipment. We assume that many dogs and cats will need to be rescued since most people were unable to bring their pets with them when they evacuated. We will offer food and water in the streets for lost and stray animals and are considering setting up a sheltering operation. We will continue to assess the situation in the days to come and do whatever we can to help. Give to support our International Disaster Fund.

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