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August 18, 2015

Animals Rescued from a Hoarding Case in Mexico City

Humane Society International

HSI recently received a report about a house in Mexico City (Azcapotzalco Delegation), where 30 dogs and 18 cats were being kept in poor conditions. Their caretaker had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, leaving her unable to properly care for the animals. The case was tragic, but appeared fairly straightforward, and the circumstances seemed to justify the request for help.

However, we found upon arriving at the property that the reality of the situation was much worse than expected.

The 30 dogs were kept in three different areas: some in the backyard, some in the living room and others in the kitchen. They were split up into socially stable groups, but were denied any medical treatment or other than the most basic care.

The cats were free-roaming on the property. We started a program to catch, spay/neuter them, vaccinate and de-worm them. They are in good shape.

The owner’s family provided food and water, but almost nothing more. Every inch of the house was covered with the animals’ waste, in light of their forced confinement.

HSI, along with the individual who requested our assistance, worked hand-in-hand with the relevant authorties. With help from the Brigada de Vigilancia Animal, the Federal District’s Department of Public Security, the Office of the Environmental Attorney and many volunteer citizens, we managed to successfully access the property and provide veterinary care to the animals.

Today, their health is improving; they receive regular check-ups and are being treated for injuries to their skin and eyes resulting from their living conditions. Sterilized and vaccinated, the animals are now up for adoption, waiting to find permanent homes.

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