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October 27, 2015

Assisting Animals After Hurricane Patricia

Humane Society International

  • Flooding is an issue. HSI

  • HSI donated dog and cat food as immediate assistance. HSI

  • Street dogs were having a hard time following the emergency. HSI

  • Along with the assassment of the situation, we were able to provide some much needed relief. HSI

  • Farm animals were also affected by the hurricane. HSI

  • Our visit allowed us to better determine the real needs as well as the best course of action. HSI

Like others, we were relieved that Hurricane Patricia did not wreak as much havoc as expected when it hit Mexico last week. The President of Mexico lifted the alarm and stated that no additional humanitarian aid was required.

However, we heard yesterday from a local associate who had just returned from a visit to Mascota, one of the hardest-hit municipalities, that many animals are in need, including street dogs and cattle. Our Aguascalientes-based consultant and another contact planned to visit the site themselves this morning to find out more.

Please support our International Disaster Relief Fund.

So far, we have:

  • Established communication and shared information with the Mexican government and with local and international organizations.
  • Identified a shelter in Manzanillo, Colima, that that was severely damaged and began planning to support rebuilding.
  • Donated dog and cat food to be distributed in communities close to Carreyes, Jalisco (Zapata and la Manzanilla).
  • Started to build a list of veterinarian volunteers to respond to future disasters.
  • Continued to share information with more than 15 local organizations, including IFAW and WAP.
  • Coordinated with Mexico City Consejo Ciudadano’s tipline to report animals affected by the storm.

While not needed for immediate response, we expect to be involved in recovery efforts in some specific areas.

Please donate to ensure we can be there for animals affected by disaster.

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