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February 17, 2016

50 More Will Be Free

Humane Society International

  • In some cases, it may take time to earn the dogs' trust. Frank Loftus/HSI

  • Beaten down by life — but her luck is about to change. Frank Loftus/HSI

  • We'll quickly do everything we can to improve these puppies' health! Frank Loftus/HSI


HSI’s Animal Rescue Team is once again in South Korea, this time rescuing 50 dogs from the fifth dog meat farmer we’ve convinced to shut down his operation and switch to an alternative livelihood. Watch the video.

They spent yesterday preparing the animals — including a bonded pair of puppies named Elise and Simon we hope will be adopted together — for travel to safety in the United States.

Director of Companion Animals & Engagement Kelly O’Meara described the dogs’ reactions: “They were hesitant to come to me when I opened their cage, huddling together when I called to them. But once I crawled in with them and they were confident I was not a threat, their demeanor changed. I held Simon in my arms and he immediately relaxed and snuggled into a feeling of comfort and safety that I imagine must previously have been completely unknown to him.”

You can help! Please donate and take action to support our life-saving efforts.

It was only 17 degrees F (-8 Celsius) when we arrived on the scene and the dogs have little protection from the elements, so we are eager to remove them from their barren enclosures and get them on their way as soon as possible. Their next stop will be placement with our shelter partners and from there, on to new lives in loving homes! Please give now to help fund this and future rescues, then take action to put a permanent end to the dog meat trade.

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